Sortable 2014 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | QB | RB | WR | TE | D/ST | K | FLEX
All | Available
1Terrell Owens, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
2Randy Moss, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
3Brandon Stokley, Bal WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
4Donald Driver, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
5Brian Finneran, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
6Plaxico Burress, Pit WR  PWA (Sun)--/----------------------
7Santana Moss, Wsh WRWA (Sun)0/00000000000
8Reggie Wayne, Ind WRPalm0/00000009011085138
9Chad Johnson, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
10Chris Chambers, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
11Steve Smith, Bal WRSPIF0/000000056676595
12T.J. Houshmandzadeh, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
13Donte' Stallworth, FA WR  QWA (Sun)--/----------------------
14Jabar Gaffney, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
15Andre Davis, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
16Antwaan Randle El, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
17Deion Branch, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
18Andre Johnson, Hou WRNads0/000000010013677178
19Bryant Johnson, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
20Anquan Boldin, SF WRBJB0/00002140699674121
21Kelley Washington, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
22Nate Burleson, Cle WR  PWA (Sun)0/0000210035390462
23Kevin Curtis, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
24Brandon Lloyd, SF WRWA (Sun)0/00000000000
25Sam Aiken, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
26Justin Gage, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
27Arnaz Battle, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
28Kevin Walter, Ten WR  PWA (Sun)--/----------------------
29Brandon Banks, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
30Jerheme Urban, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
31Greg Lewis, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
32Kassim Osgood, SF WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
33Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WRHOP0/000021108810578154
34Roy Williams, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
35Reggie Williams, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
36Lee Evans, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
37Michael Clayton, FA WR  PWA (Sun)--/----------------------
38Michael Jenkins, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
39Devery Henderson, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------
40Keary Colbert, FA WRWA (Sun)--/----------------------