Sortable 2014 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | QB | RB | WR | TE | D/ST | K | FLEX
1Michael Zordich, Car RB--/----------------------
2Darrel Young, Wsh RB--/----------------------
3Albert Young, FA RB--/----------------------
4DeShawn Wynn, FA RB--/----------------------
5Danny Woodhead, SD RB0/00001023851675345123
6Cierre Wood, Bal RB0/00000000000
7Garrett Wolfe, FA RB--/----------------------
8George Winn, Det RB--/----------------------
9Ronnie Wingo, Buf RB--/----------------------
10David Wilson*, NYG RB  IR0/00000000000
11Braden Wilson, FA RB--/----------------------
12Ryan Williams, Dal RB0/00001664053609
13Kerwynn Williams, SD RB--/----------------------
14Keiland Williams, FA RB--/----------------------
15Javarris Williams, FA RB--/----------------------
16Eddie Williams, FA RB--/----------------------
17DeAngelo Williams, Car RB0/00002068143232101122
18Damien Williams, Mia RB0/00000000000
19Cadillac Williams, FA RB--/----------------------
20Andre Williams, NYG RB0/0000954153745059
21Eddie Wide, FA RB--/----------------------
22Fozzy Whittaker, Car RB0/00000000000
23LenDale White, FA RB--/----------------------
24Johnny White, FA RB--/----------------------
25James White, NE RB0/000044198113101139
26Dominique Whaley, FA RB--/----------------------
27Brian Westbrook, FA RB--/----------------------
28Terrance West, Cle RB0/000013651751080087
29Beanie Wells*, FA RB  O--/----------------------
30Leonard Weaver, FA RB--/----------------------
31Trey Watts, StL RB0/00000000000
32Leon Washington, Ten RB--/----------------------
33Chauncey Washington, FA RB--/----------------------
34Spencer Ware, Sea RB--/----------------------
35D.J. Ware, FA RB--/----------------------
36Derrick Ward, FA RB--/----------------------
37Lawrence Vickers, FA RB--/----------------------
38Shane Vereen, NE RB0/0000954362726874145
39Josh Vaughan, Atl RB--/----------------------
40Fui Vakapuna, FA RB--/----------------------