Sortable 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | QB | RB | WR | TE | D/ST | K | FLEX

1Seahawks D/ST D/ST0/0000000000187
2Panthers D/ST D/ST0/0000000000104
3Broncos D/ST D/ST0/0000000000113
449ers D/ST D/ST0/0000000000100
5Rams D/ST D/ST0/0000000000124
6Chiefs D/ST D/ST0/000000000080
7Cardinals D/ST D/ST0/0000000000101
8Patriots D/ST D/ST0/0000000000126
9Buccaneers D/ST D/ST0/0000000000105
10Bills D/ST D/ST0/0000000000137
11Bengals D/ST D/ST0/0000000000102
12Saints D/ST D/ST0/000000000073
13Browns D/ST D/ST0/000000000096
14Texans D/ST D/ST0/0000000000132
15Ravens D/ST D/ST0/0000000000109
16Colts D/ST D/ST0/0000000000101
17Giants D/ST D/ST0/0000000000101
18Lions D/ST D/ST0/0000000000102
19Steelers D/ST D/ST0/000000000078
20Packers D/ST D/ST0/0000000000108
21Titans D/ST D/ST0/000000000087
22Dolphins D/ST D/ST0/0000000000117
23Falcons D/ST D/ST0/000000000081
24Eagles D/ST D/ST0/0000000000114
25Raiders D/ST D/ST0/000000000047
26Jets D/ST D/ST0/0000000000111
27Bears D/ST D/ST0/000000000092
28Chargers D/ST D/ST0/000000000065
29Jaguars D/ST D/ST0/000000000079
30Redskins D/ST D/ST0/000000000067
31Vikings D/ST D/ST0/000000000097
32Cowboys D/ST D/ST0/000000000082