Sortable 2014 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | QB | RB | WR | TE | D/ST | K | FLEX
41John Kuhn, GB RB--/----------------------
42Reggie Bush, Det RB0/00001959045504563175
43Laurence Maroney, FA RB--/----------------------
44DeAngelo Williams, Car RB0/00002068142232101116
45Joseph Addai, FA RB--/----------------------
46LenDale White, FA RB--/----------------------
47Maurice Jones-Drew, Oak RB0/00001345246362601116
48Jerious Norwood, FA RB--/----------------------
49Michael Robinson, Sea RB--/----------------------
50Leon Washington, Ten RB--/----------------------
51Jerome Harrison, FA RB--/----------------------
52Lawrence Vickers, FA RB--/----------------------
53Quinton Ganther, FA RB--/----------------------
54Mike Bell, FA RB--/----------------------
55Patrick Cobbs, FA RB--/----------------------
56Montell Owens, Det RB  Q--/----------------------
57Ahmard Hall, FA RB--/----------------------
58Fred Jackson, Buf RB0/00001275634362861110
59Naufahu Tahi, FA RB--/----------------------
60Adrian Peterson, Min RB  P0/0000298136513402892250
61Marshawn Lynch, Sea RB  P0/0000303128512332791229
62Chris Henry, FA RB--/----------------------
63Brian Leonard, TB RB--/----------------------
64Brandon Jackson, FA RB--/----------------------
65Lorenzo Booker, FA RB--/----------------------
66Garrett Wolfe, FA RB--/----------------------
67Michael Bush, Chi RB--/----------------------
68Le'Ron McClain, SD RB--/----------------------
69Oren O'Neal, FA RB--/----------------------
70Reagan Maui'a, FA RB--/----------------------
71Thomas Clayton, FA RB--/----------------------
72Korey Hall, FA RB--/----------------------
73Deon Anderson, FA RB--/----------------------
74DeShawn Wynn, FA RB--/----------------------
75Jason Snelling, Atl RB--/----------------------
76Kenneth Darby, FA RB--/----------------------
77Ahmad Bradshaw, Ind RB  P0/00004418321061036
78Pierre Thomas, NO RB0/0000983802906125139
79Gary Russell, FA RB--/----------------------
80D.J. Ware, FA RB--/----------------------