Sortable 2014 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: ALL | QB | RB | WR | TE | D/ST | K | FLEX
41Ladell Betts, FA RB--/----------------------
42Antwaan Randle El, FA WR--/----------------------
43Deion Branch, FA WR--/----------------------
44Chris Baker, FA TE--/----------------------
45Brian Westbrook, FA RB--/----------------------
46Justin Peelle, FA TE--/----------------------
47Randy McMichael, FA TE--/----------------------
48Robert Royal, FA TE--/----------------------
49Rock Cartwright, FA RB--/----------------------
50John Gilmore, FA TE--/----------------------
51Chester Taylor, FA RB--/----------------------
52Corey McIntyre, FA RB--/----------------------
53Jason McKie, FA RB--/----------------------
54Andre Johnson, Hou WR0/000000010013677178
55Bryant Johnson, FA WR--/----------------------
56Willis McGahee, Cle RB--/----------------------
57Dallas Clark, Bal TE--/----------------------
58Larry Johnson, FA RB--/----------------------
59Anquan Boldin, SF WR0/00002140699674121
60Kelley Washington, FA WR--/----------------------
61Jason Witten, Dal TE0/0000000748187123
62Nate Burleson, Cle WR  P0/00000000000
63Kevin Curtis, FA WR--/----------------------
64Visanthe Shiancoe, Ten TE--/----------------------
65Brandon Lloyd, SF WR0/00000000000
66Sam Aiken, FA WR--/----------------------
67Ovie Mughelli, FA RB--/----------------------
68Justin Gage, FA WR--/----------------------
69Donald Lee, FA TE--/----------------------
70Arnaz Battle, FA WR--/----------------------
71Kevin Walter, Ten WR  P--/----------------------
72Brandon Banks, FA WR--/----------------------
73Earnest Graham, FA RB--/----------------------
74Will Heller, FA TE--/----------------------
75Jerheme Urban, FA WR--/----------------------
76Antonio Gates, SD TE0/000000054604484
77Greg Lewis, FA WR--/----------------------
78Kassim Osgood, SF WR--/----------------------
79Larry Fitzgerald, Ari WR0/000021108810578154
80Kellen Winslow, NYJ TE--/----------------------