Week 2 Stat Corrections

Below is a list of stat corrections received by our data provider. All corrections have retroactively been applied to the respective player's totals.

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Tom Brady, NE QBEach Pass Attempted (PA)-1
Each Pass Completed (PC)-1
Terence Newman, Cin CBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Johnathan Joseph, Hou CB  QEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Jason Hatcher, Wsh DEEach Sack (SK)1
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
James Jones, Oak WRTotal Fumbles (FUM)1
Brian Robison, Min DESolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Cliff Avril, Sea DEPasses Defensed (PD)1
Brian Orakpo, Wsh LBEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)-1
Perry Riley, Wsh LBEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Eugene Sims, StL DEEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Dekoda Watson, Jac LBAssisted Tackles (TKA)5
Dane Fletcher, TB LBEach Fumble Forced (FF)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)-1
Colin Kaepernick, SF QBRushing Yards (RY)-2
Shane Vereen, NE RBReceptions (RECS)-1
Scott Solomon, TB DEEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Austin Davis, StL QBTotal Fumbles (FUM)1
T.J. McDonald, StL SBlocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK)1
Aaron Donald, StL DTEach Sack (SK)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Jeremy Hill, Cin RBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
E.J. Gaines, StL CBBlocked Punt, PAT or FG (BLKK)-1
Each Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1