Week 5 Stat Corrections

Below is a list of stat corrections received by our data provider. All corrections have retroactively been applied to the respective player's totals.

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Mike Adams, Ind SEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Alex Smith, KC QBEach Pass Attempted (PA)-1
Each Pass Completed (PC)-1
Passing Yards (PY)-17
TD Pass (PTD)-1
DeMarcus Ware, Den DEEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)-1
Elvis Dumervil, Bal LBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Brian Hoyer, Hou QBPassing Yards (PY)-1
Matthew Stafford, Det QBPassing Yards (PY)10
Greg Toler, Ind CBEach Fumble Forced (FF)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)-1
Ben Tate, Pit RBRushing Yards (RY)1
Andrew Hawkins, Cle WRReceiving Yards (REY)-1
Von Miller, Den LBEach Sack (SK)0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)1
Andrew Luck, Ind QBRushing Yards (RY)10
Total Fumbles (FUM)1
Corey Fuller, Det WRReceiving Yards (REY)10
Jimmie Ward, SF S  PAssisted Tackles (TKA)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Will Sutton, Chi DTAssisted Tackles (TKA)3
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Dri Archer, Pit RBRushing Attempts (RA)1
Rushing Yards (RY)2
Receptions (RECS)2
Receiving Yards (REY)8
Kickoff Return Yards (KR)36
De'Anthony Thomas, KC RBRushing Attempts (RA)1
Rushing Yards (RY)17
TD Rush (RTD)1
Receptions (RECS)-1
Receiving Yards (REY)-17
TD Reception (RETD)-1
Philly Brown, Car WRRushing Attempts (RA)2
Rushing Yards (RY)22
Receptions (RECS)1
Receiving Yards (REY)4
Total Fumbles (FUM)1
Punt Return TD (PRTD)1
Kickoff Return Yards (KR)18
Punt Return Yards (PR)81
Fair Catches (PTFC)1