Week 8 Stat Corrections

Below is a list of stat corrections received by our data provider. All corrections have retroactively been applied to the respective player's totals.

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James Harrison, Pit LBEach Sack (SK)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Troy Polamalu, Pit S  PEach Sack (SK)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)-1
Vince Wilfork, NE DTEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Alex Smith, KC QB  PEach Pass Attempted (PA)1
Each Pass Completed (PC)1
Passing Yards (PY)-3
Rushing Attempts (RA)-1
Total Fumbles (FUM)-1
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)-1
Jeremy Mincey, Dal DEEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Jamaal Charles, KC RB  PRushing Attempts (RA)1
Rushing Yards (RY)-6
Total Fumbles (FUM)1
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)1
Clinton McDonald, TB DTEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Colt McCoy, Wsh QBTotal Fumbles (FUM)1
Gerald McCoy, TB DTEach Sack (SK)0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Passes Defensed (PD)1
Brandon Weeden, Dal QBRushing Yards (RY)5
Aaron Donald, StL DT  QEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Dominique Easley, NE DE  QEach Sack (SK)0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
De'Anthony Thomas, KC RBRushing Attempts (RA)-1
Rushing Yards (RY)3
Receptions (RECS)1
Receiving Yards (REY)-3
T.J. Fatinikun, TB DEPasses Defensed (PD)-1