Week 4 Stat Corrections

Below is a list of stat corrections received by our data provider. All corrections have retroactively been applied to the respective player's totals.

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Terence Newman, Min CBPasses Defensed (PD)1
Charles Tillman*, Car CB  OSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Karlos Dansby, Cle LBAssisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Daryl Smith, Bal LBAssisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Will Allen, Pit SSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Chad Greenway, Min LBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Darryl Tapp, Det DEEach Fumble Forced (FF)1
Justin Durant, Atl LBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Craig Dahl, NYG SSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Mike Jenkins, TB CBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Henry Melton, TB DTSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Lardarius Webb, Bal CBAssisted Tackles (TKA)-1
T.J. Ward, Den SPasses Defensed (PD)-1
Nolan Carroll II*, Phi CB  IRAssisted Tackles (TKA)1
Kurt Coleman, Car SSolo Tackles (TKS)1
J.J. Watt, Hou DESolo Tackles (TKS)1
Patrick DiMarco, Atl RBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Russell Wilson, Sea QBTotal Fumbles (FUM)1
Harrison Smith*, Min S  OSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Sean Spence, Pit LBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Lavonte David, TB LBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Jared Crick, Hou DESolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Tashaun Gipson, Cle CB, SAssisted Tackles (TKA)1
Kawann Short, Car DTSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Latavius Murray, Oak RBRushing Attempts (RA)-1
Total Fumbles (FUM)-1
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)-1
A.J. Klein, Car LBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
William Gholston, TB DESolo Tackles (TKS)1
Bradley McDougald, TB SSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Ray-Ray Armstrong*, SF LB  OSolo Tackles (TKS)1
Derek Carr, Oak QBRushing Attempts (RA)1
Total Fumbles (FUM)1
Total Fumbles Lost (FUML)1
Anthony Hitchens, Dal LB  PEach Sack (SK)0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Solo Tackles (TKS)1
Jacquies Smith, TB DE, LB  QSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Jerome Couplin III*, Phi S  IRAssisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Jalen Collins, Atl CBSolo Tackles (TKS)1
David Mayo, Car LBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1
Damien Wilson, Dal LBEach Sack (SK)-0.5
Assisted Tackles (TKA)-1
Nikita Whitlock, NYG RBSolo Tackles (TKS)-1