Waiver Report Wednesday, September 17, 2014

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1. Team Rose Patriots D/ST D/ST Added. ROSE dropped Riley Cooper, Phi WR to Waivers.
2. Hellen Keller's Best 9 Bernard Pierce, Bal RB Added. HERR dropped Ryan Mathews*, SD RB to Waivers.
3. Butch Please Knile Davis, KC RB Added. MS dropped Jonathan Dwyer, Ari RB to Waivers.
4. Team CHILL Lamar Miller, Mia RB Added. HILL dropped Pierre Thomas, NO RB to Waivers.
5. The Underachievers Zach Ertz, Phi TE Added. ROBE dropped Charles Clay, Mia TE to Waivers.
6. Hellen Keller's Best 9 Steve Smith Sr., Bal WR Added. HERR dropped Torrey Smith, Bal WR to Waivers.
7. Butch Please Jeremy Hill, Cin RB Added. MS dropped Toby Gerhart, Jac RB to Waivers.