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Owns Giroux at Dirty Hoes Box Score Matchup 1 (Jan 19 - 27)

Box Scores:
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Crosby Owns Giroux
Record: 8-2-0
Standing: 1st in Malkin Division
Evander Kane's Dirty Hoes
Record: 6-4-0
Standing: 2nd in Malkin Division (2 GB)
TEAM                               JAN 19JAN 20JAN 21JAN 22JAN 23JAN 24JAN 25JAN 26JAN 27SCORE
Crosby Owns Giroux57.439.531.553.516.728.148.519.340.4334.9
Evander Kane's Dirty Hoes87.81617.741.33.340.740.35.253.6305.9