Rules: Scoring Settings (Custom Leagues)

Listed below are all of the stat categories available for you to create your custom league. While you may be tempted to go nuts and use them all, due to display restrictions you have a maximum of 20 categories. Scoring settings can be changed by the LM at any time during the season. Any changes will impact league standings retroactive to the start of the season.

SKATING (Forwards & Defensemen) GOALTENDING
  ==default (7)==
Goals (G)
Power-play Goals (PPG)
Assists (A)
Plus/Minus (+/-)
Penalty Minutes (PIM)
Average Time on Ice (ATOI)
Shots on Goal (SOG)
Points - Goals+Assists (PTS)
Power-play Assists (PPA)
Short-handed Goals (SHG)
Short-handed Assists (SHA)
Game Winning Goals (GWG)
Face-Offs Won (FOW))
Face-Offs Lost* (FOL)
Shifts Played (SHFT)
Time on Ice (TOI)
Hat Tricks (HAT)
Games Played (GP)
Hits (HIT)
Blocked Shots (BLK)
Defensemen Points (DEF)
  ==default (3)==
Wins (W)
Goals Against Average* (GAA)
Save Percentage (SV%)
Games Started (GS)
Losses* (L)
Shots Against (SA)
Goals Against* (GA)
Empty Net Goals Against* (EGA)
Saves (S)
Shutout (SO)
Time Played (TP)
Overtime Loss* (OTL)
Goalie Winning Percentage (GW%)
Scoring categories notes:
- A maximum of 20 categories total are allowed.
- Categories with an * represent stats where the lower number is better.

SKATING (Forwards & Defensemen) GOALTENDING
  ==default (5)==
Goal (G) = 3 pts
Short-handed Goals (SHG) = 2 (bonus)
Power-play Goals (PPG) = 1 (bonus)
Assist (A) = 2
Penalty Minutes (PIM) = .03/minute
Points (PTS)
Plus/Minus (+/-)
Power-play Assists (PPA)
Short-handed Assits (SHA)
Game-Winning Goals (GWG)
Faceoffs Won (FOW)
Faceoffs Lost (FOL)
Shifts (SHFT)
Hat Tricks (HAT)
Shots on goal (SOG)
Games Played (GP)
  ==default (7)==
Win (W) = 5 pts
Shutout (SO) = 3
Saves (SV) = 0.2/Save
Goals Against (GA) = -1
Loss (L)
Shots Against (SA)
Empty Goals Against (EGA)
Overtime Loss (OTL)
Points-Based Scoring notes:
-The League Manager can assign a point value to each category.
-The displayed points above are default settings.
-Decimal values are allowed to the nearest tenth of a point.