Rules: League Trophies (Custom)

ESPN League Manager offers your LM the ability to create and award its own virtual trophies. The trophies available in your league can be viewed from the "Trophy Catalog" linked off the League Office page. When you create a new trophy it will be placed in the catalog from where it can be assigned to any number of teams, any number of times.

Please note: These "virtual" trophies are not associated with the real trophies you can purchase for your league. Your league members will not be sent trophies when you create and award them using this feature. They are images only and will be contained in the Trophy Case for each team.

Creating a Trophy
As a rule of thumb, when creating a trophy, use the most general terms possible in describing it, so that it can be re-used over and over. This accomplishes two things: it keeps your trophy catalog manageable by reducing the number of trophies in your league, and it adds to the history of each trophy because you can view who received the trophy and why all on one page. For example, it is recommended that you create a Weekly High Scorer trophy and assign it each week to the high scorer, rather than a Week 1 High Scorer trophy and a Week 2 High Scorer trophy and so on. When someone clicks on the history of your Weekly High Scorer trophy, they will see who won each week on one page.

To create a trophy:

  1. Go to LM Tools and click Create and Assign Trophies this will take you to the Trophy Catalog.
  2. From the Trophy Catalog, click Create a New Trophy.
  3. Fill in the Name and Description for your trophy.
  4. Use the radio button to choose whether you wish to use an ESPN default design for your trophy, or whether you wish to reference your own image from the internet. (In the case of using your own image, please make sure your image file size is small as it could impact loading speeds for some pages.)
  5. If using an ESPN default design, select the image style and add your text for both the full size and thumbnail versions of the image. Each design handles a set amount of text. Text that runs outside of the alotted text area for the image, will simply be cut off.
  6. Enter the number of Trophy Stars your new trophy is worth. This value will designate the value, or prestige, of the trophy. The higher the number, the better the trophy. Positive values get gold stars, negative values get red stars and can be used for trophies you do not want to win, such as a "Most Points On Bench" award.
  7. Designate whether this new trophy represents the championship trophy for your league. If yes, it will be automatically assigned to your league champion and will show up on the League Office at the end of the season. Only one trophy can be given this designation.
  8. Click Create Trophy.

Assigning Trophies to Teams
An individual trophy can be assigned to any number of teams, any number of times, for any number of reasons at any time. This gives the LM complete control of how they want to award their league members for good or bad performances. Any trophy that has been created can be found in the Trophy Catalog from where you can assign it. Trophies that are assigned to a team are displayed in that particular team's Trophy Case, linked off the clubhouse.

To assign a trophy to a team:

  1. Click on the Trophy Catalog link off the league office page.
  2. Find the trophy you wish to assign and click Assign.
  3. Select the team to want to receive the trophy.
  4. Fill in the Headline and Reason fields for the assignment. An example for a Weekly High Scorer trophy:
    • Headline: "Week 2 High Score"
    • Reason: "Bob won week 2 on the shoulders of Priest Holmes and Randy Moss."

  5. Decide whether to showcase this assignment on the League Office. A box will appear on the League Office which will let your members know that this was awarded and why. Only one trophy assignment can be shown on the League Office.
  6. Click Assign Trophy.