Defending Big D History


1stThe Frozen Rock14-7
2ndThe Crosby Show14-7
3rdOvi One15-6
4thComeback Kid16-5
5thThe Infirmary12-9
6thHouston Ice Pirates14-7
7thBenn'd Over11-10
8thWhooping Horcoff12-9
9thThe Mustache Express10-11
10thThe Ott of War11-10
11thmerika RULES6-15
12thShiny Happy Lupul11-10
13thRabid Albino Penguins10-11
14thBenn Caught Stealin', Once2-19
15thDrop The Gloves5-16
16thIrving Rattlers5-16

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1stNorman Ice Pirates17-4
2ndTexas GreenEggsAndHam16-5
3rdNun Tkachuks15-6
4thLand Sharks16-5
5thThe Frozen Rock14-7
6thBenn'd Over14-7
7thSpare Ribs9-12
8thHockeytown Oklahoma14-7
9thIrving Rattlers11-10
10thCan't Yandle The Truth8-13
11thPalmer Dragons8-13
12thNeal to the King6-15
13thProvidence Ice Dragons3-18
14thThrowing Fistricuffs8-13
15thGet Some Morrow4-17
16thFort Worth Ugly Pugs5-16

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