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Reddit Red Wings Hockey League

Creator: N. Kyllonen
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 20

League Manager's Note

Welcome to FHL 2014!

Welcome to FHL 2014! Messages from your League Manager will be posted here throughout the season. Watch for updates about your draft, league standings, links, photos, etc.. We look forward to a great season!


2014 League Champion!
The Mooninites
Owner(s): Trav Espinoza
Regular Season Record: 176-64-20

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Lidstrom Division
1.Crosby Staals Nash and Y...147-90-23
2.HC - Cossacks138-102-20
3.Bryzlly Bears133-102-25
4.Motorcity Wrenchmen129-111-20
5.Teemu Salami124-110-26
6.Team Boost124-113-23
7.Kane and a Group of 5's105-126-29
8.Seguin Tattoos108-134-18
9.Waco Dekes of Hazard104-133-23
10.Skydiving Caribou16-50-194
Yzerman Division
1.Mike Babcock's happy face185-56-19
2.The Mooninites176-64-20
3.Seattle Nonexistants146-88-26
4.Datsyuk's Dangles24-43-193
5.Burlington Blue balls107-127-26
6.Blanketsburg Blanketeers106-130-24
7.Team Wenzel93-135-32
8.Octopi Helm Street83-154-23
9.Detroit Sawchuks76-160-24
10.Doesn't Matter Won Norris66-162-32
Updated Saturday, April 19, 2014

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