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Hockey Prospectus

Creator: R. Schwepfinger
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 16

League Manager's Note

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2014 League Champion!
Zamboni Tracks
Owner(s): Ryan Wagman
Regular Season Record: 123-77-16

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Campbell Conference
1.Team Vad134-62-20
2.Vukota Vous134-64-18
3.Team Goc Your Nose!126-70-20
4.Team Schwep96-90-30
5.Maui Meteors101-96-19
6.Team Lawrence72-119-25
7.Team Yost71-120-25
8.Ferrell Cats53-144-19
Wales Conference
1.Zamboni Tracks123-77-16
2.Grabbo's Goons118-81-17
3.Who Needs Teeth105-88-23
4.Team Piede105-93-18
5.Team khazaei95-98-23
6.Tsetse Fly91-99-26
7.Aki Bergs70-130-16
8.Bonzai's Buscuits65-128-23
Updated Saturday, April 19, 2014

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