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UBC Bros 2013-2014

Creator: Wealthee Chan
Format: League Manager
Scoring: Season Points
Teams: 10

League Manager's Note

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2014 League Champion!
Interspecies Erotica
Owner(s): Richard Williams

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1.Interspecies Erotica2750.1
2.Pewter City Redwings2539.4
3.Penang Stone Foreigner2535.6
4.Ya Fekkin Durp2427.7
5.Strangers with Dope Candy2374.3
6.HKGers Pokfu Krew2287.5
7.Big Daddy2172.6
8.Team Gill2139.7
9.Solar System Humongous Big2121.9
10.Team Dvoracek2005.1
Updated Saturday, April 19, 2014

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