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Marleau runs these Streits

Creator: M. Stanford
Format: League Manager
Scoring: H2H Each Cat.
Teams: 12

League Manager's Note

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2011 League Champion!
Giroux What I Mean
Owner(s): Jeff Wiggins
Regular Season Record: 103-70-7

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1.Natty Boh Meester108-65-7
2.Giroux What I Mean103-70-7
3.Grateful Deadmarsh98-74-8
4.Killer Karlsson92-81-7
5.Runs With Sharp Knives86-79-15
6.Supernintendo Hjalmarsson88-82-10
7.HC Ginger Power80-90-10
8.Got 99 problems But You A...80-91-9
9.Covered in Boyles80-93-7
10.Bradley's Blood Bank77-96-7
11.I Can See Cleary Now70-105-5
12.Hawaii Hockey .67-103-10
Updated Tuesday, April 19, 2011

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