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Janes Danglers

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Hot Starts That Matter

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Sean Allen identifies players off to hot starts that should be picked up, and updates his top 250 ranks.
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2014 League Champion!
Double Penner Tration
Owner(s): Justin Unno
Regular Season Record: 15-6

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1.Team URRUTIA18-3
2.Team HUNGRY14-7
3.Team Smith11-10
4.My Name Is Slim Shady11-10
5.Team Brickett11-10
6.Team acevedo9-12
7.Team Bishop2-19
1.Captain Serious19-2
2.Double Penner Tration15-6
3.Cambridge Expendables11-10
4.Glace Bay Cordawgs7-14
5.phila flynn7-14
6.vanfan vanwhat6-15
7.LA Gongshow6-15
Updated Saturday, April 19, 2014

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