League Production

Totals updated through yesterday's games.

Tier 527044010872325819:522451702.311.9192
Tier 4260.3428.384.8687.525019:462391.565.52.432.9160
Tier 3250.5416.561.565224219:402332612.553.9128
Tier 2240.8404.838.3616.523419:352272.556.52.674.9096
Tier 12313931558122619:292213522.796.9064
Total1622716739817120:121415382.613.9103      PTS      PCT

League Production explained:

The top area -- League Comparison -- displays the range from the best to the worst league in each of the 10 scoring categories and indicates with the symbol approximately where the league ranks overall. Note that although the league may rank high in certain stat categories, this may not reflect in the league's overall PCT as many leagues may rank at similar levels in these categories.

In the bottom area -- Your League (or This League) -- the "Total" row displays the accumulated stats the league has compiled over the course of the season by adding every team's stats together. The "Rank" row shows the exact position where the league ranks overall in each each of the 10 categories (5 being the highest, and 1 lowest). These 10 numbers are added together and the bolded numbers on the right show the league's total production (PTS) and overall percentile (PCT).

Note: For 8- and 12-team leagues you will see an "Adj" row which levels the league to be balanced with 10-team leagues.

To derive your team's overall (adjusted) point total, add the bolded "PTS" total to the number of points your team has accumulated (roto), or the total number of wins your team has to date (H2H).