Roster Settings
To assemble your team, you will draft players from a list of all NHL players.

In all Free Standard leagues, there are 17 active slots and 5 bench slots. See below for specific active positions.

Each team defaults to 17 active slots on it's roster, as listed below:

(9) Forwards (F) (Right, Center and Left Wingers)
(5) Defensemen (D)
(1) Utility (U) (Forward or Defenseman only)
(2) Goalies (G)

The utility slots can be filled by either a Foward or a Defenseman but not a Goalie). Some players will be eligible for more than one positional slot. Additional positional eligibility will be given to players that spend a significant amount of time at more than one position. Multiple-position eligibility is determined by the Commissioner's Office.

There are 5 bench spots that may be occupied by players at any position. Statistics generated by players on a team's bench are not applied to the team's combined total statistics. The fifth bench slot replaced the old IR slot. The IR is not available.

PRIMARY Position Eligibility:
Before each season begins the system receives an updated report that details every player with their listed position heading into the new season. This includes rookies as well as veterans. The listed primary positions are fixed and will not change for the duration of the season.

ADDITIONAL Position Eligibility:
The League Office uses several subjective criteria to determine additional eligibility. Among those are:

  • How manyn the player minutes the player plays in a particular position
  • Defensive assignments
  • Where the player is usually positioned in the offensive sets
The final decision is always left to the League Office. Any official designations made by the NHL or any other organization will be taken into consideration, but may not result in expanded eligibility for a player. Owners may write the League Office with suggestions if they feel a particular player deserves additional eligibility. Eligibility will never be taken away from a player.

You decide which players to start for each day of competition. Your Team page allows you to analyze each of your current players, review their performance (previous day/week, year to date etc.) and freely move players between your Active roster and Bench. Roster moves involving a player may be made right up until that player's team is scheduled to begin playing in their first game of the day.

When you make transactions, you must move one active player to the bench, or to waivers, when moving an inactive/benched player to your active lineup. If you make a move that violates a roster slot, an error message will appear, notifying you to double-check the proposed transaction. You will need to ensure that you are moving players into eligible slots per Position Eligibility (see above).

Roster Changes
Teams may change their active roster at any time during the regular season. Slots lock at first scheduled game of day. The time stamp will come from the League Office, and may vary slightly from the actual time - owners should try to submit their moves at least few minutes before the deadline. There is no limit to the number of active roster changes a team can make over the course of the season.

Fantasy Hockey now allows team owners in Standard Leagues the ability to modify their lineups for future days of NHL action. This can prove to be helpful if you will not have access to a computer (on vacation, business trip etc.) but you would like to make sure that you are receiving credit for players at each team roster slot. Go to your Team page and click on the links for the date(s) of interest to access your roster page for each future date. Then modify your roster.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that if you make any roster moves in the interim (adding/dropping a player or players) this will delete or clear any roster selections you made for future weeks.

In Standard leagues there are going to be many unclaimed players available in the player pool; these players are called free agents. You may want to pick up one of these free agents (players not currently on a team in your league) for your elite team. You can search the player pool by going to the Players page.

All Standard leagues will observe ESPN's Undroppable Players list. The Undroppable Players list is comprised of select elite level players who cannot be dropped to waivers at any time during the hockey season.

NOTE: If you wish to claim a player from free agency, you must have an open roster slot or drop one of your current players in exchange.

For more information on Waivers and Free Agents, click here.