Where can I learn more about how to play ESPN Fantasy Hockey?
All ESPN Help pages are linked directly to additional help content (because one question about waivers, for example, may spur additional questions related to waviers and free agency). Additionally, every help page links to our most common frequently asked questions pertaining to each topic. So if you've got questions, we have the answers!

And, if you need a specialist to speak with live, our ESPN Fantasy Specialists are available to advise and assist you on all things Fantasy Hockey - every day of the week, from 8am - 1am EST. Learn everything from how to play to team management strategy all season long. There's no question we can't answer (though we won't tell you who to start or bench - we leave that to the pros like the TMR, Eric Karabell, Nate Ravitz and others). Just call us at 888-549-ESPN (3776).