Why are some stats missing or incorrect (or showing in italics)?
Scoring Corrections
It's possible that over the course of the NHL season some scoring plays and player statistics may be recorded incorrectly. The deadline for all weekly scoring or stat corrections made by the system is one week from the day that game was played during the NHL season. Any changes entered in the system will automatically reflect in both your Box Score and your Standing's pages.

NOTE: In Custom leagues, if the league manager notices the incorrect scoring and uses the Adjust Scoring League Manager tool to manually change the score, and afterward the system updates automatically to reflect the same correction, the impacted team will be awarded with double credit for the correction. If this occurs, you should contact your league manager and ask them to re-adjust the scoring to remove the manual adjustment they entered.

Italicized Stats
If you see italicized stats on a line score, it is because your league enforces minimum requirements in order to be eligible to win certain stat categories and a team has yet to meet those minimums. In order to be eligible to win these categories, teams will have to surpass a certain milestone in games played, games started, or some other stat. You can check on a team's progress towards a minimum by placing your mouse cursor over any italicized stat, this will show you the current progress to surpass the league specific minimum. Once a team surpasses the league's minimum, the mouse over text and the italicized text will automatically be removed and the team will be eligible to win those stat categories. You can view your league's custom minimums by visiting your league setting page, referencing your league's scoring items.