H2H Each Category Leaderboard


1HoF Coach S. Niedermayer 27 (Edmonton H2H 17526)170-37-3Sanzo Gabutin81.67.657010*115.21
2Orange Crash (NFHL)157-43-10Vlad Khayt77.14.944010113.63
3The Crusaders (Broad Street Bullies Forever)154-46-10Bill Pharis75.71.985710113.50
4Team Cogger (FLAG)142-55-13chris coghlan70.711.000010113.49
5Black Bears (NHL Part 1)163-43-4Fred Farwell78.57.786710113.10
6Matt Moulsons (Long Island Sound)164-38-8Matt Still80.562010112.98
7Team Suppa (Montreal H2H 53908)168-38-4Perry Suppa80.95.340010*112.46
8West Anchorage Eagles (Florida H2H 39503)153-45-12Ken Kuzminski75.71.955710112.43
9Cross Czechs (Cherry Pie)160-41-9Matt Still78.33.708310*112.21
10come Dumpster (2 girls one cup)174-26-10senator al gore85.24.019010*111.57
11POWER PLAY FOR RED VELVET (Chicago H2H 45424)160-42-8todd park78.1.647310*111.56
12Desert Storm (Minnesota H2H 25713)156-46-8Clint M76.19.868010*111.50
13Raucous Tiger (Columbus H2H 23580)168-35-7Tim workman81.67.156710*111.49
14Second Oak Drifters (Phoenix H2H 43781)152-49-9Kaj Petersen74.52.953010*111.20
15THE LONE STAR HOOKERS (MurderBots)162-38-10nathan kaminski79.52.339710111.03
16Windsor Ontario (The Grind)154-51-5Jason Letourneau74.52.945310111.03
17USSR Red Army (Frozen Iceholes)156-47-7jeremy small75.95.834710110.92
18Columbus Cartel (Eastern Conference)156-44-10bill fuhrman76.67.703710*110.51
19Detroit Raw Dawgz (New York H2H 51042)157-44-9Sam MacLeod76.9.658310110.46
20Alexandria Goligoalskis (Lady Byng)149-52-9Matt Still73.1.973710*110.42
21Team Bezanson5 (Toronto Maple Leafs)157-46-7Dean Bezanson76.43.705010*110.28
22Winter Blues (Boston H2H 56035)154-49-7Andrew Pennie75.839010110.02
23Ginger Swedish Twins (Dallas H2H 40129)157-41-12Justin Whiteley77.62.462310*109.92
24Los Angeles Autodrafts (Los Angeles H2H 49730)152-54-4Joe Laroza73.33.940710109.76
25The Filipino Machino (How many bodies, Greenly?)158-45-7Dennis Arocena76.9.528010109.65
26Stonecutter Hockey (Freedom Games H5)140-63-7Luis Salcedo68.33.998310*109.58
27galactic empire (Columbus H2H 43439)143-56-11joseph occhipinti70.71.993710109.54
28Vip Vikings2 (Ottawa H2H 36915)155-46-9Dan Granberg75.95.652310109.46
29Drop The Gloves (Boston H2H 56636)152-51-7Johnny Z74.05.868710109.38
30Corey Crawfish (Red Light District)151-54-5Teddy Kalivas73.1.931710*109.36
31Thunder and Lightning (Philadelphia H2H Auction ...)151-43-16Jessica Shunk75.71.663710*109.31
32Team C (Edmonton H2H 54250)154-48-8Paul C75.24.711310109.13
33Port Charlotte Lightning (Bill's Folly)150-55-5bill fuhrman72.62.939710109.04
34CHICAGO BURNERS (Chicago H2H 47088)154-49-7Jack Burns75.725310*109.00
35Alaska Spawn (Calgary H2H 28091)153-49-8Ken Kuzminski74.76.743010108.92
36Team Clonsilla (Los Angeles H2H 49209)151-55-4Paul C72.86.918010108.87
37Water Hazard (New Jersey H2H 35482)158-47-5bob johnson76.43.482710108.85
38Team Cougars (St. Louis H2H 51511)157-49-4Paul C75.71.587010108.85
39Team Mez2 (Buffalo H2H 50253)152-51-7Lloyd Mieczaniec74.05.811710108.80
40Taylor Halls (The Best of the Best)149-53-8Teddy Kalivas72.86.911310*108.73
41Nashville Xpress2 (Carolina H2H Auction 22720)162-39-9Ed Stein79.29.123710108.69
42Hamrlik my Lubomir (Buffalo H2H 28218)146-50-14Josh Gellman72.86.905710*108.68
43Wilson's Wendigo (Colorado H2H 31955)156-49-5Jim Wilson75.48.595010108.67
44Team Cortrusive (Open Ice Fantasy Hockey)141-62-7Jason Kwong68.81.997010108.64
45J J J (Nashville H2H 41593)154-44-12Rick Heuser76.19.476010108.57
46Boise Gladiator (New York H2H 37342)157-49-4kevin morder75.71.539310108.53
47(#3) Midnight Parise (Carolina H2H 50564)163-41-6Z Hallstrom79.05.129010*108.51
48Team Reyes (Washington H2H 45077)155-48-7Connor Reyes75.48.569010*108.51
49Raleigh Ice Dogs (Bathroom Staals)144-55-11Ron Fulton71.19.973310108.48
50Orlando AsKickers (Minnesota H2H 41970)150-50-10Rocky Walsh73.81.803710108.48

Team Points (TM PTS):
The number of points the team has scored this season.

League Index (LG INDEX):
The relative strength of the league as compared to all other leagues with the same league type in the game. The formula for calculating this "league index" is the league's total points divided by the top scoring league. The best league has an 1.000 value.

League Size (LG SIZE):
All FHL Standard leagues have 10 teams.

Adjusted Points (ADJ PTS):
ADJ PTS = TM PTS + League Index

* - Team is not first place team in league.

Note that this leaderboard is unofficial until deemed final by the Office of the Commisioner at the conclusion of the season. All teams are subject to the Rules and Legal Restrictions. All teams must have drafted by 10/1/09 and must win their league championship to be eligible for overall prizes. Residents of certain states are not eligible for prizes. Top teams will be inspected for collusion and disqualified if necessary. In the event of a tie, a team's League Index will be carried out to as many decimal places as necessary to determine a winner.