Complete 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

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2014 Statistics79233356-2522626:54195
2015 Projections791838568482226:38217
2015 Outlook: For a team built from the blue line out, it's no surprise to see Weber as the Predators' top fantasy asset. Weber plays a ton of minutes, can approach 20 goals from the point, has power-play production through the roof and is defensively sound to round out the total package. With the skilled Roman Josi roaming the ice beside him, Weber reached new heights in 2013-14 with a ridiculous total of 23 goals. Don't expect that kind of performance again, but the 50 points are more than a reasonable expectation. Also, with a healthy Pekka Rinne tending twine, look for an improved plus/minus from Weber to increase his overall value. Erik Karlsson is the best fantasy defenseman, but Weber is in the argument for second best. - SA
2014 Statistics2410102136632.77.902
2015 Projections6132.321.85366162.28.919
2015 Outlook: Things got ugly in the crease for the Predators last season after Rinne needed hip surgery. But all indications are that he is healthy and ready to roll for the 2014-15 season. Rinne returned for 15 games at the end of last season and was rounding into form by the end of the campaign, going 3-0-1 in his final four games. Rinne then won tournament MVP as he backstopped Finland to a silver medal at the IIHF World Championship. Seeing him back in elite form during the summer should be all a fantasy owner needs to buy in to the idea of Rinne rejoining the elite fantasy goaltenders this season. Rinne can steal games as well as any goaltender, and his job is made that much easier by the elite defensive group in front of him. You could do a lot worse for a No. 1 fantasy goaltender for your team. - SA
2014 Statistics5927346115552618:27238
2015 Projections73302252-6721718:10278
2015 Outlook: Who will it be? Will it be Mike Ribeiro, Olli Jokinen or Derek Roy? Or maybe it will be Mike Fisher once he's recovered. The bottom line is none of the options to center James Neal are named Evgeni Malkin. That is why Neal tumbles from the elite of the fantasy world to just being an above-average goal scorer in the league. Neal has a chance to be a true leader for a Predators franchise that has been missing a strong goal scorer since Alexander Radulov chose the KHL. But his numbers won't be close to what they were as Malkin's winger and Sidney Crosby's power-play mate. For the record, we are betting on Ribeiro as the centerman, which will provide Neal with strong playmaking and should help him approach 30 goals. He's still a No. 4 fantasy forward. - SA
2014 Statistics72132740-2181326:25168
2015 Projections821430442241625:49190
2015 Outlook: Josi has great puck-moving skills and has shown an ability to make great decisions on the ice. Oh, also, it doesn't hurt that his defense partner might be the most physically dominant defenseman in the league. While he is definitely doing a little coattail riding to the 40-point threshold in the NHL, Josi boasts plenty of skill on his own to help keep that total high. The most salient point, however, is that Josi will continue to be Shea Weber's defense partner and should have no trouble replicating his strong stats from this past season. He's arguably a No. 2 fantasy defenseman. - SA
2014 Statistics7761925-2324919:37100
2015 Projections8182937-2491420:05131
2015 Outlook: Clearly, at minus-23, Jones has some defensive issues to overcome for fantasy owners. But the six goals and 25 points were very encouraging from a rookie D-man with fewer than 20 minutes of ice time per game. As he continues to step into a bigger role, all the counting stats should rise, and as he continues to grow into his frame (he turns 20 years old in October), his defense will improve. We think he will take a modest step forward this season, as he has already shown a willingness to shoot the puck and go on the attack when appropriate. Consider him a No. 4 defenseman but know that might be the ceiling for this season. - SA
2014 Statistics13145-84411:2420
2015 Projections741724417331116:41136
2015 Outlook: Forsberg has been brought along slowly by the Predators, and their patience should pay off this season. He has been up for cups of coffee in each of the past two seasons but is still technically a rookie. Forsberg was given most of this past season to try North American pro hockey in the AHL, where he managed a very decent 34 points in 47 games as a rookie. He dominated at the IIHF World Junior Championships, at which he posted 12 points in seven games for the Swedes. Finally, Forsberg had five points in 13 games with the Predators while barely playing 10 minutes per night. He is primed and ready for a scoring-line role with the team. There is plenty of room on the wing, and Forsberg could even find himself opposite James Neal with a good training camp. Upside galore to be found here. - SA
2014 Statistics80163147-13521517:60110
2015 Projections81152540-12481617:49121
2015 Outlook: Ribeiro has said it was off-ice issues that hurt his focus this past season with the Arizona Coyotes. Now, on a one-year deal with the Preds, he said he is ready to get back to business. There is huge potential for a great fantasy season here. Ribeiro's playmaking game doesn't get diminished much by age. If he is truly focused, he should get back to the 65-point threshold for which he's become quite well known. He won't score many goals, but 40-plus assists is a real likelihood if Ribeiro can beat out the other competitors for the top-line center job. Passing to a finisher like James Neal and working on a power play quarterbacked by Shea Weber can be very conducive to collecting assists. As the best playmaker of the group, we give Ribeiro the edge on Olli Jokinen or Derek Roy to win the top-line role. - SA
2014 Statistics7592837-1301613:37114
2015 Projections671227394261115:21100
2015 Outlook: Roy's point production went off a fairly steep cliff in 2011-12 following a serious leg injury. Whether he lost a step after that or not is hard to say, but the numbers tell a story along those lines. Roy doesn't shoot the puck much anymore and has had trouble gaining traction as a scoring-line player with stops for the St. Louis Blues, Vancouver Canucks and Dallas Stars. Now one of three players vying for the Predators' top-line center job, Roy is probably last in the pecking order coming into training camp. He would have to show fresh legs and a new determination to beat out Mike Ribeiro and Olli Jokinen for the job. - SA
2014 Statistics82182543-862817:01171
2015 Projections81132134-1252716:47157
2015 Outlook: It's hard to believe it's been about seven seasons since Jokinen was in top-20 fantasy consideration. He doesn't play nearly as dynamic a game anymore and is only a borderline fantasy starter. There is a path to usefulness with the Predators, though. If Jokinen can win the top-line center job, he immediately becomes interesting because of James Neal. Jokinen is only two years removed from a 23-goal, 61-point campaign with the Calgary Flames -- something he could repeat as the go-to center on the Predators. But in order to do that, he must beat out Mike Ribeiro and Derek Roy in training camp and then hold off Mike Fisher when he returns from injury later this season. It's a tall order for a 35-year-old Jokinen. - SA
2014 Statistics1227974114:0413
2015 Projections681323361026713:5894
2015 Outlook: Maybe Jarnkrok just needed out of the Detroit Red Wings system. After being traded to the Predators at the trade deadline, Jarnkrok had nine points in seven AHL games before being called up to the NHL. Once up, he scored nine points in 12 games on a line with Gabriel Bourque and Craig Smith to close out the season. The Predators have upgraded their offense to the point at which Bourque and Smith might not be in the top six, but Jarnkrok has the speed and agility with the puck to earn a scoring-line role. He has sleeper value depending on what that role is and who his linemates are. - SA
2014 Statistics75202949-4601119:45177
2015 Projections54121830-237619:05109
2015 Outlook: Fisher won't return from an Achilles tendon injury until midseason, and the bad news is the Predators aren't keeping his seat warm. One -- and maybe two -- of Olli Jokinen, Mike Ribeiro or Derek Roy will fill up the Predators' top two lines at center, and we can't be sure Fisher will immediately get a scoring-line role back when he returns. After all, he had been the de facto top-line centerman for the Predators because they didn't have anyone else. In a perfect world, Fisher would be able to better use his two-way skills on a third line. That might well be the case when he returns to the ice, and that doesn't lead us to believe he'll be too interesting in fantasy. - SA
2014 Statistics77102939432915:30134
2015 Projections7991928428415:53139
2014 Statistics81112233-121515:13112
2015 Projections78112031518415:38109
2014 Statistics7081018-1432012:35114
2015 Projections7191827033414:16138
2014 Statistics8062127924616:04123
2015 Projections8161824-828918:05116