Complete 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

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2014 Statistics50211923003112.66.910
2015 Projections5629202331172.74.913
2015 Outlook: Howard's numbers were a big step backward this past season. But is it entirely his fault? The Red Wings workhorse goaltender was dealing with a team in front of him that missed several two-way forwards for a lot of the season, and a defensivee core that is young and untested. Another year of development for the young defense and an offseason of recovery for the forwards could mean that Howard is in store to bounce back to the elite levels he showed in the two seasons prior to 2013-14. Howard will be drafted as a No. 2 goaltender this season because the 2.66 goals-against average was downright ugly in 2013-14, but here's betting the Red Wings have corrected the problems that let to the poor statistics. Howard has No. 1 fantasy goalie upside in the mid-to-late rounds of your draft. - SA
2014 Statistics4926191308372.69.923
2015 Projections5127173313172.36.919
2015 Outlook: The Leafs' penchant for giving up too many shots -- they gave up the most in the league in 2013-14 -- is the only perceived fly in Bernier's fantasy ointment. Even then, his owners reap the benefit of a plump save percentage. After proving to skeptics that he is, indeed, capable of shouldering the responsibility of slapping on the pads night in and night out, the former backup to Jonathan Quick merits respect as a top-20 fantasy netminder. And it doesn't hurt, incentive-wise, that the restricted free agent-to-be is playing for a new contract after this season. Bernier would suit most squads as a quality No. 2. - VM
2014 Statistics6033184348572.50.917
2015 Projections6232223382182.58.909
2015 Outlook: We are thinking Mason just didn't dig the Columbus Blue Jackets uniform or something. His statistics since joining the Flyers in 2013 have been rock solid. He was a workhorse last season, playing 61 games and posting serviceable fantasy ratios of a 2.50 goals-against average and .917 save percentage. Those are stats easily worthy of a No. 2 goaltender in standard leagues. Mason will also be the beneficiary of shot-blocking defenseman Andrew MacDonald playing in front of him for a full season. The defensive core for the Flyers is improving, and Mason stands a good chance of beating his numbers from this past season. He should come at relatively low investment, and be a steady pick for your team. - SA
2014 Statistics251864162421.96.922
2015 Projections5029174318242.04.919
2015 Outlook: After the short-lived Ryan Miller experiment of 2014, the Blues are placing the majority of their eggs in Elliott's goaltending basket. And why not? Aside from a few notable rough patches, the former Senator (who had a cup of ill-tasting coffee in Colorado) has been proficient with his current club. Only his sample size in St. Louis is a concern. Following three seasons (including the lockout-shortened affair) the 29-year-old has yet to appear in 40 games for the Blues, wo this campaign could prove to be a big test of his endurance. That being said, even the most cynical owners would be chuffed at having Elliott as their No. 2 fantasy netminder. - VM
2014 Statistics6439174374072.39.913
2015 Projections5632202315942.39.914
2015 Outlook: Playing with the double-incentive of staving off a hungry/capable Alex Stalock and earning a hefty paycheck with his next contract, Niemi should be extra motivated in 2014-15. And while he isn't a member of the fantasy goaltending elite, the Sharks' numero uno remains a solid G1 in most conventional leagues. If you can snag him as your No. 2, pat yourself on the back. - VM
2014 Statistics61272133609102.64.915
2015 Projections5827231349482.70.911
2015 Outlook: A top-15 fantasy netminder overall, Smith will garner the heavy percentage of Coyotes' starts and win more games than he loses -- all the while upholding a respectable save percentage and goals-against average. Moreover, you may get a healthy handful of shutouts out of the 32-year-old, for leagues that count that as a separate stat. As your second fantasy netminder, you could do a lot worse than Smith. - VM
2014 Statistics261873166731.66.933
2015 Projections4024123232041.84.925
2015 Outlook: The ultimate in risk versus reward. Harding is an amazing story to have managed his multiple sclerosis to the point where he can be the best goaltender in the NHL when it's not affecting his play. And that's exactly what happened at the beginning of this past season: Harding was the best goalie in the NHL. Then the other shoe dropped. Harding didn't suit up in 2014 for the Wild after complications with his MS prevented him from playing. Harding is reportedly healthy and ready to go for training camp, but the MS can come back at anytime. Harding might be the best fantasy goaltender in the league, but you have to hedge your bets given that he also might not be playing. The risk is acceptable once you get into the lower-tier of No. 2 fantasy goalies. - SA
2014 Statistics5225164299983.00.911
2015 Projections5023241295132.83.910
2015 Outlook: We thought there might be a changing of the guard in the Senators' crease after Robin Lehner was forced into more action than expected this past season, but the Sens re-upped with Anderson for the long-term and it clouds the picture a little. Anderson's numbers were nearly identical with Lehner's in 2013-14 -- his goals-against average was slightly better and save percentage was slightly worse. But, Anderson comes into the season as the favorite to start the majority of games, though one wonders if the load will be closer to 60-40 with Lehner having established himself as capable at the NHL level. It cuts into Anderson's value and makes him questionable as even a No. 2 fantasy goalie. - SA
2014 Statistics0000000.00.000
2015 Projections3218122188522.07.917
2015 Outlook: Despite being young and largely untested, Allen is all fired up to take over should Brian Elliott falter. Even though the 24-year-old didn't see a lick of NHL action in 2013-14, he was generally outstanding for the Blues' AHL affiliate (Chicago Wolves). Furthermore, he was respectable against big-league competition in his rookie campaign the season previous. Let's see what the young lad can accomplish as the squad's top backup. - VM
2014 Statistics3516164221042.55.922
2015 Projections5221263314852.72.912
2015 Outlook: The stark difference between tending twine for the Los Angeles Kings and the Oilers was never more apparent than when Scrivens was traded. Elite-level fantasy numbers with the Kings quickly became terrible ratios with the Oilers. Scrivens still has upside, though. The Oilers should be a better defensive team this season, and the offense still has the talent to give the goaltender a chance to win games. Those facts alone probably still wouldn't make Scrivens a No. 2 fantasy goaltender coming into this season, though, and the situation is only made worse by the presence of Viktor Fasth in the rearview mirror. - SA
2014 Statistics330118101.33.954
2015 Projections3318122214832.29.916
2015 Outlook: If were absolutely 100 percent certain that John Gibson would be handed the starter's mantle, he'd be ranked a lot higher. As it is, Frederik Andersen trumps him in experience and looked equally poised to be an NHL regular as Gibson did this past season. Now, if you are in a dynasty league, Gibson is the no-brainer choice between the two. As an AHL rookie, Gibson turned in a sparkling 2.34 goals-against average and .919 save percentage in 45 games for the Norfolk Admirals, and topped it with a 3-0 record and 1.33 GAA in the NHL. When called upon in the playoffs, he split four games against the eventual Stanley Cup champion Los Angeles Kings with a 2.69 GAA. It's a small sample, but this kid looks like he has a bright future. Gibson would vault up the ranks if coach Bruce Boudreau anoints him the starter before your draft. - SA
2014 Statistics3419141208412.30.926
2015 Projections5527224347562.31.917
2015 Outlook: The Hurricanes' goaltending job is about as up for grabs as it can get. Khudobin looked great as the starter this past season after seizing the job from Cam Ward, but with a new head coach and the organizational loyalty to Ward, all bets are off coming into this campaign. You can bet Ward has worked in the offseason to earn his job back after two injury-plagued campaigns. But with Khudobin's strong performance, there is a very big threat of a timeshare developing and sticking in place for the Hurricanes. The duo could actually make for a decent fantasy combination, but only if you can get them both late. If you insist on gambling on one of them, make it Khudobin. His success is more recent and he's younger. - SA
2014 Statistics5029135290872.48.911
2015 Projections5120251316662.58.908
2015 Outlook: This native of Switzerland is the furthest thing from Swiss cheese in goal, but the Anaheim Ducks had riches in their goalie pipeline and could afford to let Hiller go. He lands with the Flames, where he will be leaned upon to lead a young squad into a new era. The Flames have all the pieces to succeed, but boy, is this team young and inexperienced. Hiller could be hung out to dry on many more occasions than compared with his days behind the Ducks. That said, most of the youth is up front and the Flames' defense is actually a very solid unit. There is a chance the Flames and Hiller could surprise this season. He should be drafted to somebody's bench in your league. - SA
2014 Statistics4523154265642.85.915
2015 Projections5729223341562.55.918
2015 Outlook: The positive: Officially appointed the Capitals No. 1, Holtby carries an admirable .919 save percentage and 2.60 goals-against average in 105 career regular season games in Washington (and he's been better in the postseason). The negative: That small sample size doesn't instill bucket loads of confidence when it comes to a starting goalie in the NHL. Another positive: The addition of the defensive-minded Barry Trotz behind the bench should help with overall team defense. Another negative: There's nothing stopping the Caps from turning to Justin Peters or Philipp Grubauer if Holtby flounders, though Peters and Grubauer have even less NHL experience than Holtby. The Verdict: Draft Holtby, but not as your No. 1 netminder. - VM
2014 Statistics264170157452.82.911
2015 Projections4114231229642.87.908
2015 Outlook: After four seasons as an understudy, Enroth will get the chance to take the main stage with the Sabres this season. His skills and statistics are those of a 26-year-old with the upside of a starting goaltender in the NHL, but for fantasy purposes his upside is that of a No. 2 goalie. And that's not even where you should draft him. Though Ted Nolan-coached teams are generally strong defensively and the Sabres made enormous upgrades to their defense this offseason, Enroth comes with too much risk to jump out on a limb with him. He's never carried a workload of a starter for the past three seasons, and it's not as if Michal Neuvirth is chopped liver. There will be some competition for the job, and the threat of a timeshare that can hold Enroth back. Don't discount the upside if you are drafting him to your bench, but try not to invest in Enroth as a necessary component of your squad. - SA