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2015 Projections7627204714441618:50258
2015 Outlook: Carter found his groove again in 2013-14 with the Los Angeles Kings. While not back to his epic 300-shot season with the Philadelphia Flyers, Carter had 256 shots and 27 goals despite missing 10 games. His pace continued into the postseason, where he had 10 goals and 25 points in 26 games. At the tail end of the season and into the playoffs, Carter was playing with young guns Tanner Pearson and Tyler Toffoli, a line that could very well be reunited this season. But either way, Carter will earn his points thanks to his propensity for getting open and taking shots. Health will be the only thing that keeps Carter from scoring 30 goals, and he has an outside shot at 40. - SA
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2015 Projections8213334611552221:08199
2015 Outlook: Unlike most other young, developing defensemen, Shattenkirk has been productive since nearly the onset of his NHL career. On a season-by-season basis, he has been consistently productive. Moreover, as the regular quarterback with the Blues' top power-play unit, it won't be long before the 25-year-old breaks through the 50-point barrier. VM
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2015 Outlook: As long as fantasy owners put a blinder over Hartnell's 2011-12 season, expectations should be right in line with what he can do on a new team. The Blue Jackets will get a similar dose of no-nonsense, power forward play from Hartnell that the Philadelphia Flyers enjoyed for so many years. Fantasy owners will benefit from his across-the-board contribution to stats and ever-valuable combination of points and penalty minutes that few players can achieve. Hartnell's 2011-12 season was unreal for his fantasy owners, but that incredible production won't be repeated. The Jackets are an improving team, and if things break right, Hartnell should be a top-line and top power-play forward for the club. Just don't jump too early in your draft for him. Lining up with Ryan Johansen won't be the same as Claude Giroux. - SA
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2015 Outlook: He's probably not a safe bet for a point-per-game pace anymore, and betting on a full season of games played is also ill advised. But that's not to say you won't get most of a season with an elite scoring clip from Hossa. He's explosive on offense and finishes any play set up by linemates Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp. Concussions have been a concern in the recent past, but Hossa tends to be valued with that discount already accounted for. If you can get over the health concern, Hossa is likely to finish as a No. 2 or No. 3 fantasy forward. But because he has a history of injuries, take him as a No. 4 fantasy forward after the elite players are gone. - SA
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2015 Projections763427610222217:25261
2015 Outlook: For Skinner to have finished as arguably the most valuable fantasy asset on the Hurricanes in 2013-14 is a pretty significant feat. Why? He continues to get little by way of a supporting cast on the Canes' second line. Eric Staal continues to hog all the top talent on the team, leaving Skinner to finish last season with Riley Nash and Elias Lindholm as his most effective linemates. Nevertheless, Skinner scored 33 goals in only 71 games and recorded the highest shot total of his career. A new head coach means a clean slate, and Skinner is bringing the most upside to the table for Bill Peters to work with in the lines. Look for Skinner to stop playing second fiddle and possibly even join Staal as a co-headliner.- SA
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2015 Projections8113284117681524:36166
2015 Outlook: Chara had a slow start to the 2013-14 season, but by the time the final buzzer sounded, he was the same No. 1 fantasy defenseman we have come to know and love. His size and shot combine to make for one of the best choices you can make for your fantasy squad after the elite scoring defensemen are off the board. Chara brings penalty minutes and plus/minus to go with a very strong output in the scoring categories as well. He is getting up there at age 37, but hasn't shown signs of slowing down too much. Though Torey Krug and Dougie Hamilton continue to improve and challenge for Chara's power-play time, you can count on getting other categories from Chara that will keep his value to your team. - SA
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2015 Projections8124376112521219:01207
2015 Outlook: No question that Landeskog is a leader on the ice, but not all of his qualities translate to fantasy hockey. He takes a lot of shots and continues to increase his minutes on the ice, but he doesn't have the high-octane offense of some of his teammates. Ultimately, Landeskog might be getting close to his ultimate scoring potential. That's OK for fantasy owners, as long as you wait until the big-time scorers are off the board in your draft. Landeskog fills stats across the categories, but you can wait on him until the sixth round or so to maximize value. The X factor will be how a new linemate (potentially Jarome Iginla) fits in with Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon.- SA
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2015 Projections73302252-6721718:10278
2015 Outlook: Who will it be? Will it be Mike Ribeiro, Olli Jokinen or Derek Roy? Or maybe it will be Mike Fisher once he's recovered. The bottom line is none of the options to center James Neal are named Evgeni Malkin. That is why Neal tumbles from the elite of the fantasy world to just being an above-average goal scorer in the league. Neal has a chance to be a true leader for a Predators franchise that has been missing a strong goal scorer since Alexander Radulov chose the KHL. But his numbers won't be close to what they were as Malkin's winger and Sidney Crosby's power-play mate. For the record, we are betting on Ribeiro as the centerman, which will provide Neal with strong playmaking and should help him approach 30 goals. He's still a No. 4 fantasy forward. - SA
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2015 Projections8211364710642224:11120
2015 Outlook: Kronwall can turn in a 50-point season from the blue line in any given season, but he is not a typical offensive defenseman. His points come overwhelmingly from assists and playing big minutes on and off the power play. He won't take a ton of shots, but there will be power-play points thanks to his passing. He's been a scoring machine ever since Nicklas Lidstrom's retirement, and that won't change for this season. He is right on the bubble between a No. 1 and No. 2 fantasy defenseman. Finding a steady defense partner might go a long way to stabilizing Kronwall's production. He flipped regularly between Jonathan Ericsson, Kyle Quincey and Brendan Smith last season.- SA
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2015 Projections82243458-8601920:36236
2015 Outlook: Staal finished the season in decent standing with his fantasy owners. Not good, but decent. He had a hot start but disappeared down the stretch. That's not acceptable when he was being selected as a No. 2 or No. 3 fantasy forward. The problem is that this inconsistency has dogged Staal for much longer than just one season. Are you getting the Staal who scored 45 points in 54 games before the Olympic break? Or the Staal who scored just nine points in 16 games during one of the most important months of the fantasy hockey season (March)? Staal, Alexander Semin and Jiri Tlustly didn't show the same kind of chemistry they did in 2013, either. Still, Staal is an offensive dynamo when he wants to be, and a new head coach could be just what Staal needs to kick-start his production. However, a new head coach probably doesn't fix the plus/minus problem for the Hurricanes, so getting Staal as a No. 4 or No. 5 forward would be ideal. He should slip that far. - SA
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2015 Projections8011324310541626:07193
2015 Outlook: Because Doughty is such a strong defensive leader for a two-time Stanley Cup-winning franchise, it's easy to forget that his statistics aren't all that fancy for fantasy owners. He plays a lot of minutes and, sure, 37 points isn't anything to sneeze at, but his name is so easily associated with the elite of the NHL we can forget that he is better in real life than he is for fantasy purposes. Don't get us wrong, we'd be happy to have Doughty on our fantasy teams, but only so long as doesn't cost much more than a fifth- or sixth-round pick. It has been five years since Doughty turned in a season worthy of a No. 1 fantasy defenseman. But don't overlook the fact that he is a rock-solid, consistent No. 2 fantasy defenseman. - SA
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2015 Projections8210384813351825:14178
2015 Outlook: The top defenseman for the Blues overall, Pietrangelo takes a slight back seat to Kevin Shattenkirk in shots and power-play proficiency, but that's it. The future Norris Trophy winner (throwing it out there) habitually leads his fantasy-friendly teammate in overall scoring and ice-time, and this past season's plus-20 was a nice bonus. - VM
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2015 Projections81302757-6421520:34286
2015 Outlook: The only pressing concern lies with whether the Leafs are serious about experimenting with JVR moving to the second line in an attempt to balance out scoring, and there have been rumblings to that effect. Otherwise, Phil Kessel's top-line buddy is queued up for another productive, goal-heavy season as a formidable, and difficult-to-defend, front-of-net presence. - VM
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2015 Projections822337609162019:51206
2015 Outlook: O'Reilly showed some versatility this past season, adding a 28-goal campaign to his resume. Playing with Matt Duchene is a big part of his value, but the two have chemistry and are unlikely to be separated anytime soon. A new linemate in the form of Jarome Iginla, Daniel Briere or a healthy Alex Tanguay could even increase the value O'Reilly brings to fantasy owners. But to take the argument one step further, those additional names are a bit of a threat to O'Reilly because he is a better two-way forward than any of them. If defense becomes an issue for the Avs, O'Reilly might be the first candidate to help improve the team's shutdown line -- which isn't usually a scoring line. And at the end of the day, O'Reilly just doesn't have the pure firepower of Duchene, Iginla or Nathan MacKinnon and is probably also behind Gabriel Landeskog for power-play time. He'll still provide solid, start-worthy fantasy stats, but O'Reilly should be selected a little bit later. - SA
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2015 Projections761435493661920:31202
2015 Outlook: The past four seasons have not been kind to this one-time fantasy prodigy. Plagued by injuries galore, including -- but not limited to -- multiple concussions, stubborn groin issues and serious ankle problems, Green must be utterly fed up with spending time in the Capitals' infirmary. Even when patched together on the ice, he's been inconsistent (and no wonder). But he's healthy now, and when fit, this offensive defenseman is one of the most productive in the biz. So if you're willing to roll the dice on Green's constitution and future health luck, the payoff could result in a fantasy windfall. If not, opt for a safer, more durable option on D. - VM