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2015 Outlook: The increase in assists and run up to almost 70 points were not an aberration for a very skilled playmaking center like Krejci. He has been fairly consistent in points, and shown an even better ability when the pressure is on in the postseason. No, points aren't what will make or break Krejci's season as a top 50 fantasy forward. It will be his plus/minus. Krejci's plus/minus plays into his value a lot, because when he has a strong season in the category, he has a very strong season. He has led the NHL in plus/minus twice in his career, including a league-best plus-39 last season. Always paired with Milan Lucic, it's the third member of the line that has rotated through the years. Successful plus/minus campaigns for Krejci have included linemates such as Phil Kessel, a healthy Nathan Horton and Jarome Iginla. Unsuccessful campaigns in the plus/minus department have seen him paired with Tyler Seguin and Michael Ryder. This season's likely linemate is Loui Eriksson, who has had plenty of success in plus/minus during his career. Things look good for Krejci and Lucic to repeat their success with Eriksson in tow. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Nyquist is the latest positive proof of the Red Wings' slow, steady approach to preparing a player for the NHL. Without ever rushing his development and giving him plenty of cups of coffee along the way, Nyquist finally exploded at the NHL level when given the opportunity this past season. He scored 48 points in 57 games and is an extremely enticing figure entering this season. Can he maintain a pace that would have him at 70 points in a full season? Or will the return of healthy offensive leaders Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk cut into his production? The answer probably lies somewhere in between. Nyquist should be selected as a top-50 forward, but hopefully, you can wait until the seventh round of your draft to make the move. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Lucic's fantasy contribution. By scoring about 25 goals, 60 points and bringing penalty minutes to the table, fantasy owners know that Lucic will border on being a top-50 fantasy forward. But if you are going to take him as your No. 4 or No. 5 forward in your draft, you might want some assurances that his plus/minus will once again be strong enough to put him there. Given that the talented Loui Eriksson is the likely candidate to line up with Lucic and center David Krejci, things do look quite positive for the line to continue its success without Jarome Iginla. Lucic is proof that a power forward can be a top fantasy contributor in the right situation. - SA
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2015 Outlook: You know exactly what you are getting into with Franzen. He's a powerful forward who is willing to do what it takes to score goals, but the punishment he gets from playing a physical game tends to knock him out of it for several stretches each season. A healthy Franzen will score 30 goals and 65 points to go with terrific peripheral stats, but asking for a healthy Franzen might be too much. He showed great chemistry at the end of last season with Gustav Nyquist and is definitely a high-risk, high-reward pick coming into this season. A healthy Red Wings team could be very explosive for fantasy owners, but there are a lot of question marks surrounding that health. - SA
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2015 Outlook: A spike in both shots on goal and goals brought Bergeron to a fantasy level equal to his teammates that anchor the Bruins' top line. As the squad's second-line pivot, Bergeron hasn't always had as many offensive opportunities as David Krejci and Milan Lucic, but he matched them last season. With 30 goals and 62 points to go with a plus-38 rating (just one behind Krejci's league-leading mark), Bergeron showed just how deep this Bruins team is. Playing regularly with upstart sophomore Reilly Smith and Brad Marchand this past season, Bergeron's two-way skills make him a fantasy asset no matter who he shares the ice with. Not much is expected to change in Bruins Land this season, so Bergeron should once again be knocking on the door of the top 50 fantasy forwards. - SA
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2015 Outlook: The fact that Jagr hoisted the Stanley Cup before some of his teammates were born(Jon Merrill) should not daunt you from selecting this ageless fantasy wonder. He skated 19 minutes per night for the Devils this past season, fired 231 shots and collected 67 points. He'll turn 43 this season, but so what? Jagr is going to keep chugging along until he decides he's done playing hockey. He's coming back for another season, so he needs to be trusted. The Devils upgraded their offense -- at least on paper -- with Mike Cammalleri, but his health will be a big question mark. The thought of a healthy sniper like Cammalleri playing regularly with Jagr does make one wonder if Jagr can have an even better season. Just because it seems crazy to draft someone approaching their mid-40s any sooner, we recommend holding off on Jagr until you already have three or four forwards.- SA
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2015 Outlook: Semin scored at a point-per-game rate in his Hurricanes debut in 2013. Literally, he had 44 points in 44 games thanks to instant chemistry with Eric Staal and Jiri Tlusty. So what happened this past season? That chemistry seemed to fall to the wayside as Semin found himself with 42 points in 65 games. A slow start, followed by a December concussion, suppressed his stats at the start of the season, but by season's end Semin was somewhat back in business. He had 27 points in 37 games after the calendar flipped to 2014 and rekindled some chemistry with Staal and Tlusty to close the season. That said, a new head coach will bring changes to the lineup, and Semin is still dogged by criticisms of his work ethic. Will we get the inspired sniper or the lackadaisical winger? Best wait until the middle rounds of your draft if you are going to find out with him on your team. - SA
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2015 Outlook: The Blue Jackets' depth chart can be debated extensively, but what is clear is that Dubinsky turned in a pretty solid fantasy season despite being on the team's second line. That helps us buy into him regardless of how the lines shake out with the addition of Scott Hartnell to the mix. He's probably not a regular 20-goal scorer in a second-line role, but Dubinsky's penalty minutes and average ice time help him in standard leagues. However Hartnell fits into the equation, he makes the Jackets' second line better -- whether through bumping Boone Jenner or Nathan Horton from the top line or landing on the second line himself. That bodes well for Dubinsky to have another fantasy season that gets underrated because he isn't overly flashy on offense. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Simmonds was the ultimate fourth Musketeer last season, joining Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Jakub Voracek (who played together on the same line at even strength) on the power play. The role suits him. Simmonds finished third in the NHL in power-play goals and, largely thanks to his 106 penalty minutes and 209 shots on goal, stuffed enough categories to be a No. 3 or No. 4 fantasy forward last season. Can he do it again with Hartnell now departed? We do know that Hartnell was ineffective and missed some games in 2013, and Simmonds put up the same rate of stats as he did in 2013-14. That's a good sign for Simmonds in terms of his ability to manage just fine in the post-Hartnell Flyers era. There could even be some upside here. Michael Raffl was OK but not great on the top line last season, Matt Read is streaky and R.J. Umberger has looked a bit long in the tooth in recent seasons. What if Simmonds joins Giroux and Voracek on a permanent basis? Simmonds has shown chemistry with Giroux and Voracek on the power play, and he's a sleeper to earn the top-line role at even strength, too. - SA
55. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins*, Edm CYEARGPGAPTS+/-PIMPPPATOISOG
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2015 Outlook: He's still only 21 years old, so the 56-point season should not be the only thing we look at in assessing Nugent-Hopkins for this season. However, the injury history through three NHL seasons -- and the influx of scoring-line forwards on the Oilers -- are marks against him. RNH should get back to the 70-point pace he showed in his rookie season as long as he lines up on the first line and first power-play unit. There isn't as much threat to RNH's role as others in the offense because he is one of the few true centermen on the squad. While there are questions about how the wings are lined up, Nugent-Hopkins will be on the top line with Taylor Hall. That's more than enough to make him worth the investment. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Will Spezza continue to deposit close to a point per game now that he is a clear second-line center? That is the big question when it comes to assessing this playmaking machine that is out of an Ottawa Senators uniform for the first time in his career. It's a bit of a gamble but one that could really pay off for fantasy owners. Spezza may not have first dibs on the best linemates with the Stars, but the secondary crop isn't much worse than the first choices he has had in recent seasons with the Senators. In fact, we already know that Spezza displays chemistry with Ales Hemsky, as the duo was solid with the Sens after this past season's trade deadline. Actually, a Spezza, Hemsky and Erik Cole line looks pretty good on paper and might be worth investing in at the draft table. Of course, Hemsky and Cole will come a lot cheaper than Spezza, who still carries some perceived value as a top-line player. At the very least, Spezza's totals should be buoyed from first power-play unit time with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Eberle is quick and hard-working, but the separation between Eberle and fellow young star Taylor Hall became apparent this past season. Where it looks like Hall will be an elite fantasy superstar, Eberle may have to settle for regular ol' star forward. That's not to say you don't want him on your fantasy team, because you do. Eberle will make a run at 70 points and take more than his fair share of shots on goal. But with a poisonous plus/minus, he is a step down from the No. 3 and No. 4 fantasy forwards in the world. In fact, with a ballooning Oilers depth chart of scoring forwards, we aren't too keen on Eberle as a high pick. There are safer options with fewer threats to their role.- SA
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2015 Outlook: Are you thinking what we're thinking? That Thornton is going to play out of his mind in 2014-15, with the extra incentive of sticking it to his captaincy-revoking coaches and members of San Jose management? Plus, it's not like Jumbo Joe performed poorly this past season, finishing second to uber-star Sidney Crosby in assists. While it's becoming more prevalent to swoon over a blooming Logan Couture, or an up-and-coming Tomas Hertl, there's still a lot to like about the wizened playmaking center, particularly as a third-round fantasy draft selection. - VM
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2015 Outlook: Contract turmoil this summer after Johansen's breakout season will eventually subside. Fantasy owners will be left with a 22-year-old center who scored 33 goals in his first opportunity to be a leader on offense. It's a very good sign that we haven't seen the best of what Johansen has to offer fantasy owners and the Blue Jackets. Although his supporting cast still won't be the most talented group in the NHL, Johansen found a very nice niche toward the end of this past season with Nathan Horton and young Boone Jenner. It's the type of line that can grow together, but it's somewhat interesting that the oft-injured Horton might be the veteran of the group at 29. Scott Hartnell's arrival could shake up the depth chart -- and, certainly, Hartnell's ability to battle in corners and in front of the net won't hurt if Johansen should line up with him. Overall, Johansen has a lot of weapons to work with and is a player on the rise. - SA
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2015 Outlook: Corralled from the free-agent market to follow in his father's and older bro's footsteps with the Blues, Stastny is favored to slide in on a scoring line with David Backes and Alexander Steen. Otherwise, a battle with Finnish import Jori Lehtera for the second-line center job could be a-brewin'. However the chips fall at even strength, though, a prominent position with the Blues' No. 1 power play is likely Stastny's to lose. VM