Complete 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

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2014 Statistics80366810418463821:58259376
2015 Projections81426310524383821:32271379
2015 Outlook: The captain of the Penguins is the best hockey player in the world, and the top fantasy asset available. What's more, he's feeling great following offseason wrist issues. If you hold the first overall draft selection, you're picking Crosby. - VM
2014 Statistics78512879-35483920:33386365
2015 Projections82534396-4603820:34379389
2015 Outlook: Even a tepid, "over-the-hill" Ovechkin knocks the fantasy value stuffing out of everyone expect a small handful of players. During an exhausting 2013-14, including a massive Olympic letdown, the Russian star finished in the NHL's top 10 in scoring, and was second overall to Washington teammate Nicklas Backstrom in power-play points, and led the league outright with 386 shots and 51 goals. Aside from a brutal minus-35, Ovechkin enjoyed an excellent personal campaign altogether. So, who are you drafting before the Capitals captain? Sidney Crosby and Steven Stamkos, sure. Maybe John Tavares and Corey Perry. Perhaps Evgeni Malkin. The list ends there. Unless a goalie (see: Tuukka Rask) is plucked exceptionally early (bold!), Ovechkin shouldn't last beyond the fifth overall selection. And, no, we're not concerned about Barry Trotz's influence on the prolific forward. Trotz is defensive-minded, not foolish; he knows where his goal-scoring bread is buttered. - VM
2014 Statistics372515409181320:15124166
2015 Projections8247368312423521:45315340
2015 Outlook: Second only to Sidney Crosby in our estimation of fantasy value, the elite sniper might be without equal in his ability to rifle the puck in the net. After wetting his rookie feet in 2008-2009, Stamkos has surfed well above the point-per-game mark, while averaging 0.63 goals per regular season contest. Moreover, his full recovery from a broken tibia suffered this past November is progressing well. In early September, Stamkos told his club's website the right leg "... feels much stronger. ... It's amazing week after week how much better it feels and how much closer it's getting to where it was before. I'm excited about that." Us too. - VM
2014 Statistics6023497210623020:04191267
2015 Projections7433518410653519:32305318
2015 Outlook: The 28-year-old's trophy case is already teeming with evidence of his on-ice accomplishments -- we don't need to sell you on his talent or skill set; the superstar's durability is our only concern. But even though Malkin has played just one close-to-full regular season slate since 2008-09, he remains a top-five fantasy selection overall. - VM
2014 Statistics59244266-6402521:15188245
2015 Projections823651874422720:43278301
2015 Outlook: A season-ending knee injury at the Olympics aside, Tavares really stepped into his own in 2013-14. He was averaging better than a point per game when his season ended, with 66 points in 59 games. He was on pace for numbers that truly did have him among the top five fantasy players. So that's where he now belongs. Tavares has built chemistry with Kyle Okposo, and the duo will be joined by a yet-to-be-determined winger on the other side. Regardless of how his line is built, Tavares has developed into a true star whose skill is reflected in his fantasy production. Owners should not hesitate to anchor their squad on Tavares' star power. - SA
2014 Statistics822858867463720:26223325
2015 Projections812660867323120:35229304
2015 Outlook: Though he started slow -- very slow -- last season, Giroux had doubters eating crow by the end of the campaign. After notching a mere six points and a minus-7 rating through 11 October games, Giroux exploded to finish with 86 points in 82 games by the end of the season. He is the elite of the elite playmakers in the NHL, and is a fantasy first rounder. While Giroux lost his wingman with the trade of Scott Hartnell to the Columbus Blue Jackets, life will go on. The Flyers have plenty of candidates to replace Hartnell, including players that have similar skill sets to the power forward. Look for the same fantasy anchor stats from Giroux this season, with maybe just the slightest of concerns for the Flyers' power play without Hartnell. But it's only the slightest of concerns. - SA
2014 Statistics82186179-20544419:48196319
2015 Projections812558836323619:53203310
2015 Outlook: Alex Ovechkin's play-making buddy isn't a top-five fantasy centerman -- that company is too elite -- but he's top 10 in leagues that put a premium on power-play production. No player logged more points with the man advantage this past season; and you can rely on Backstrom for a hearty bounty of assists, year in and year out. As for this past season's limp minus-20, hopefully new coach Barry Trotz helps guide Backstrom in re-fluffing that figure. - VM
2014 Statistics8143398232651819:29280278
2015 Projections8237387519642719:54286281
2015 Outlook: Perry is about as solid a puck possession forward as you can find when there is a crowd in the offensive zone. Combine that with his scoring ability, and you can quickly understand why he is a consistent top 10 fantasy hockey forward. Thanks to his continued connection with Ryan Getzlaf, fantasy owners can join the Ducks in hanging their fortunes on Perry's numbers. A return to 100-plus penalty minutes would immediately make Perry a top-four contender in fantasy hockey. Perhaps Ryan Kesler's presence on the Ducks power play can boost Perry's scoring in that department, to make up for showing a more reserved side when it comes to the sin bin. - SA
2014 Statistics5836157338662.04.930355.2
2015 Projections6239177367861.94.931381.4
2015 Outlook: Rask's numbers as the No. 1 fantasy goaltender speak for themselves. No other goaltender has brought the same kind of exceptional stats and consistency to the net in the regular season during Rask's reign at the top. Since very little is changing with the Bruins' personnel and style, there is no reason not to expect more of the same from the 27-year-old. There are very talented goaltenders in the Bruins' system that will begin to nip at Rask's heels, but he is locked in with a long-term deal and his future is quite secure. Perhaps the only minor qualm is that Rask and the Bruins have done so well in recent seasons that he has been given extra rest toward the end of the fantasy season, just when you need him the most. Of course, that's a pretty good problem to have for both the Bruins and Rask's fantasy owners. - SA
2014 Statistics4516324819201720:33151167
2015 Projections8023547715482820:32237278
2015 Outlook: On a per-game basis this past season, Zetterberg was a fantasy stud. As scary as back problems can be, Zetterberg has said he feels great this offseason and is ready to come back strong. He missed almost half of 2013-14 with back issues that ultimately resulted in corrective surgery. When healthy, Hank is absolutely dominant for fantasy owners. His past two seasons, though shortened, have both finished with Zetterberg scoring at better than a point-per-game clip. What is even better for Zetterberg's prospects this season is the emergence of Gustav Nyquist. With a healthy Zetterberg, Pavel Datsyuk and Johan Franzen, Nyquist adds the necessary fourth body to give the Red Wings two legitimate scoring lines. However the lines are split up, it's a fair bet that Zetterberg will remain one of the best options in fantasy drafts. The high praise of his health this offseason helps give confidence to drafting him as a No. 1 fantasy forward. - SA
2014 Statistics7731568728312321:17204290
2015 Projections8028497722372420:44211264
2015 Outlook: Getzlaf approaching 90 points in 2013-14 wasn't a surprise by any means -- he scored 91 in 2008-09, after all -- but fantasy owners were rewarded with a Hart Trophy-nominated season after sticking with Getzlaf through some down seasons. The 31 goals would be the biggest surprise, but can probably be partially attributed to the lack of another finishing option on the top line with Corey Perry. All those chances were being generated by the duo of Perry and Getzlaf, yet Dustin Penner -- the most frequent left winger on the line -- managed only 13 goals with the Ducks. If a budding new option for the line connects, Getzlaf's goal totals could dwindle, but that would be made up for with more assists. Forget about the 11-goal, 57-point Getzlaf of two seasons ago. This is an MVP centerman back at his peak, and ready to lead your fantasy squad in all offensive departments. - SA
2014 Statistics8037478416182519:21294305
2015 Projections8135447910202619:33301282
2015 Outlook: Given his own offense to lead, Seguin did exactly what most folks predicted last season: He became elite. Exploding for 84 points in 80 games, Seguin had great chemistry with Jamie Benn and was a fantasy star in almost every category. Any criticism of his maturity level seems to have disappeared following such a great debut with the Stars. Now with an all-star playmaker like Jason Spezza set to join Seguin on the power play, one has to wonder if he will push the ceiling even higher this season. Certainly having a budding star in Valeri Nichushkin on the other wing can only help, as well. We think Seguin is a first-round fantasy pick this season and probably every season going forward while he is in his prime. - SA
2014 Statistics8234447813402518:53313282
2015 Projections8132376916322018:42298244
2015 Outlook: The Blackhawks have a bevy of highly skilled forwards, and it may be surprising to see Sharp at the top of the list. But based on consistency and overall output, he is the best fantasy forward the Hawks have to offer. Take out the 2013 season for Sharp -- which was shortened by the lockout and an injury -- and he has three consecutive 30-goal seasons with at least 68 points. Except for that marred campaign, Sharp has scored at least 25 goals going back to 2007-08. Thanks to his role next to all-around star Jonathan Toews, Sharp is a lock for top-tier fantasy production and is a sneaky pick to anchor your offense. - SA
2014 Statistics4927176290442.07.915242.6
2015 Projections6035206340251.90.923309.4
2015 Outlook: Quick was his usual dominant self by the end of 2013-14. October was a bad month, and he missed 24 games in November and December because of a groin injury, but after that, Quick ran out the season as one of the best in the league. The overall result was a No. 1 fantasy goaltender that then went on to capture his second Stanley Cup in three years. Quick can get into slumps, but they don't last long. He's in a small group of four goaltenders you can really consider as the best of the best. We have him behind Tuukka Rask based on consistency, but that's it. The Kings will remain a smothering defensive team that will generate great goaltending numbers for whoever is in the crease; it's just a nice bonus that Quick also happens to be talented. - SA
2014 Statistics8241387923323119:51225324
2015 Projections8232376916301919:30231241
2015 Outlook: Before you pencil Pavelski in for another 40-goal season, keep in mind the 30-year-old maintained the highest -- by a wide margin -- shooting percentage of players who registered over 170 shots. To put Pavelski's 18.2 shooting percentage (on 227 shots) into perspective, the closest player to near that mark, Chris Kunitz of the Pittsburgh Penguins, enjoyed a 16.1 shooting percentage on 221 shots. We're talking about a difference of over two percentage points here. This suggests the Sharks forward relished an exceptional goal-scoring campaign in 2013-14, and is unlikely to repeat. Also, Pavelski has never reached the 40-goal mark before, in his eight-year career. So there's that too. - VM