Complete 2015 Projections

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2014 Statistics7092938-16641522:44172
2015 Projections761435493661920:31202
2015 Outlook: The past four seasons have not been kind to this one-time fantasy prodigy. Plagued by injuries galore, including -- but not limited to -- multiple concussions, stubborn groin issues and serious ankle problems, Green must be utterly fed up with spending time in the Capitals' infirmary. Even when patched together on the ice, he's been inconsistent (and no wonder). But he's healthy now, and when fit, this offensive defenseman is one of the most productive in the biz. So if you're willing to roll the dice on Green's constitution and future health luck, the payoff could result in a fantasy windfall. If not, opt for a safer, more durable option on D. - VM
2014 Statistics78203656-20862623:05256
2015 Projections81213051-12801820:09255
2015 Outlook: A fantasy hockey gem as a forward/defenseman hybrid, Byfuglien loses some sparkle slotted solely up front. But as long as he's fixed as a top-six winger with either center Bryan Little or Mark Scheifele, and Evander Kane or Andrew Ladd on the left side, Big Buff's goal and assist totals will remain solid, particularly on the power play. And you can bank on an above-average shots total along with heightened physical play (i.e., hits). Just don't expect help in the plus/minus or TOI sectors. Bonus: Fitness taskmaster Paul Maurice should help whip Byfuglien into better shape at season's launch than in the past. - VM
2014 Statistics7914264018281917:31183
2015 Projections8015254021381918:22190
2015 Outlook: With a 14-goal rookie season from the blue line, Krug proved to be the real deal last season. Outpacing Zdeno Chara at times as the Bruins' most valuable fantasy blueliner, Krug contributed in power-play points and shots on goal. The best news of all: He only averaged 17 1/2 per game this past season. That leaves a ton of room for added counting stats when Krug starts earning more ice time. He is the perfect complement to the booming shot of Chara on the point during the power play; he was on the ice with the Big Man for 31 power-play goals by the Bruins last season. - SA
2014 Statistics808233121441123:34145
2015 Projections8011263741101223:52133
2015 Outlook: The oft-criticized captain of the Maple Leafs is asked to do more than anyone else on his squad, at both ends of the ice, under a wide variety of circumstances, which results in decent TOI and PIM figures but hurts Phaneuf's production otherwise. The additions of defensive-minded veterans Stephane Robidas and Roman Polak should help lessen the burden on Phaneuf in some situations, allowing him to contribute more as an offensive force. As far as well-rounded fantasy defensemen go, he remains a classic specimen. - VM
2014 Statistics6922264826341116:49245
2015 Projections771231439501422:58175
2015 Outlook: Aside from your Sids, Stammers, Ovies and such, there are few fantasy jewels as cherished as the forward/defenseman hybrid. The option to plug such a rare animal into a "D" slot, while enjoying his production at the forward position, is a special treat. This is why Burns carries more value than your average puck-moving blueliner. Not only is he expected to anchor the Sharks' top power-play unit, the team has expressed additional interest in throwing the 29-year-old (back) up on right wing with some sense of regularity. Burns notched 48 points (plus-26) in 69 games as a forward, mostly alongside Joe Thornton, in 2013-14. - VM
2014 Statistics6413253817201018:33101
2015 Projections8013304319381520:43139
2015 Outlook: Barrie has the talent to slide into the Avalanche's power-play quarterback role out of the gate this season, which could be a huge boon to his fantasy numbers. Contract issues this summer hopefully behind him, Barrie could handle an increased workload now with a confidence-building season in his back pocket. His 13 goals were no fluke, as Barrie possesses a strong shot and offensive instincts. In fact, he was on pace for 16 goals in a full season. His MCL tear behind him, Barrie should be the first Avalanche defenseman off the board and could be considered a No. 2 fantasy defenseman by a bold owner. - SA
2014 Statistics72132740-2181326:25168
2015 Projections821430442241625:49190
2015 Outlook: Josi has great puck-moving skills and has shown an ability to make great decisions on the ice. Oh, also, it doesn't hurt that his defense partner might be the most physically dominant defenseman in the league. While he is definitely doing a little coattail riding to the 40-point threshold in the NHL, Josi boasts plenty of skill on his own to help keep that total high. The most salient point, however, is that Josi will continue to be Shea Weber's defense partner and should have no trouble replicating his strong stats from this past season. He's arguably a No. 2 fantasy defenseman. - SA
2014 Statistics828354315341729:25150
2015 Projections82635419321328:23146
2015 Outlook: Talk about big minutes. Suter averaged almost 30 minutes per night for the Wild this past season. He is an incredibly skilled defenseman, but in the same kind of mold as Drew Doughty, not all of what Suter does translates to fantasy. For example, he has almost no contribution to the penalty minutes category, scores minimal goals (even for a defenseman) and doesn't take a ton of shots on goal. Those empty categories in the ESPN standard game take Suter from being a bona fide star defenseman in the NHL to being a clear No. 2 fantasy defenseman. That said, a better team power-play conversion rate and one more talented puck-moving defenseman to share the ice with Suter, and he could work his way up the ranks a bit. Just don't jump too early based on the fact that Suter is amazing in the real world of hockey. - SA
2014 Statistics741133444201523:41142
2015 Projections771034449281723:09161
2015 Outlook: In a season with a lot of negatives for the Hurricanes, Sekera was a huge bright spot. The puck-moving defenseman who had been trapped in Buffalo prior to this past season absolutely relished the chance to be an offensive leader with the Hurricanes. With 11 goals and 44 points, Sekera even managed a plus-4 on a team that struggled with defense. Sekera paired up well with Justin Faulk, and the duo will continue to lead from the back end this season. As a No. 3 defenseman, Sekera would be a boon to your fantasy team. In fact, he probably deserves No. 2 consideration. - SA
2014 Statistics7714294311361324:49177
2015 Projections811128398321225:02188
2015 Outlook: Exploding for 14 goals and 43 points -- plus another four goals and 17 points in the playoffs -- was not expected from McDonagh, who has always projected as a defense-first type of blueliner. But he was afforded an opportunity to play an offensive role with the Rangers this past season, and he thrived in the situation. Can he do it again? Well, some of that opportunity is bound to be taken by veteran power-play quarterback Dan Boyle joining the Rangers. McDonagh will post better offensive numbers than we expected of him, but they probably won't be quite as strong as what he did in 2013-14. In other words, that was impressive, McDonagh. Now do it one more time. - SA
2014 Statistics82102737-3222224:31208
2015 Projections82112940-1261724:27213
2015 Outlook: Where, exactly, Carlson fits with a healthy Mike Green and the addition of former Penguin Matt Niskanen isn't yet completely clear. But you can bank on a top-four role, along with significant time on the secondary power-play unit, for the 24-year-old. Furthermore, his durability is without fault; his average ice time increased last campaign to well over 24 minutes per game. Carlson hasn't missed a regular-season contest since his rookie stint of 2009-10. - VM
2014 Statistics81636429281524:19141
2015 Projections82931409351424:30155
2015 Outlook: After a very slow start to the season, Goligoski's final totals weren't too bad this past season. Given the team's talent on the power play, one might expect more than 42 points from the man-advantage quarterback, though. Goligoski had 18 points in 24 games after the Olympic break last season, which does show his upside as a potential No. 1 fantasy defenseman. That post-Olympic pace would put Goligoski in the range of 60 points during a full season. As No. 3 fantasy defenseman go, Goligoski is a major sleeper. He'll work a power play that could be even better with the addition of Jason Spezza, and he still isn't threatened by any other defenseman looking for an offensive role. - SA
2014 Statistics817364312342125:14131
2015 Projections807323910341524:39139
2015 Outlook: Fountain of youth, thy name is P.K. Subban. After appearing to be on the decline and breaking down, Markov has been renewed with Subban at his side on the blue line. The 43 points he scored this past season weren't a career high, but it's within range. As long as Markov's health holds up, he should have no trouble repeating similar numbers, and there are no indications that his injury woes are not behind him. Playing with Subban both on and off the power play will yield a player whom fantasy owners should consider a valuable No. 3 defenseman. - SA
2014 Statistics243811-110720:3234
2015 Projections701032423411921:11152
2015 Outlook: He's 38 years old and hasn't shown us much to get excited about offensively for the past three NHL seasons. That said, Visnovsky is still the best offensive defenseman the Islanders have at the moment based on experience and skill. His power-play role could easily be usurped by a number of young D-men, but without a prime candidate who has shown they are ready to handle the added offensive work, Visnovsky is the default. He has struggled with injuries the past few seasons, and perhaps a clean bill of health is all he needs to return to form. With so many concerns, though, why are we suggesting he be drafted as a No. 3 fantasy defenseman? Because the upside on a power play with John Tavares is tremendous. Whoever wins the role will be able to add two dozen power-play points to their total. Visnovsky is the best candidate right now. - SA
2014 Statistics706303615141523:52100
2015 Projections778324017171523:55129
2015 Outlook: With speed and a great transition game, Fowler looks to have eliminated the issues with his game that sandbagged his fantasy value in his rookie and sophomore seasons, with a plus/minus in the minus-20s. He was plus-15 in 2013-14 and approached 40 points despite missing a dozen games. If Ryan Kesler helps improve the power play -- which he should -- Fowler would add another element to his fantasy totals. He won't be a big goal scorer from the blue line, but an increase in assists and points easily would make him a No. 3 defenseman in fantasy leagues. - SA