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2015 Projections8124376112521219:01207245
2015 Outlook: No question that Landeskog is a leader on the ice, but not all of his qualities translate to fantasy hockey. He takes a lot of shots and continues to increase his minutes on the ice, but he doesn't have the high-octane offense of some of his teammates. Ultimately, Landeskog might be getting close to his ultimate scoring potential. That's OK for fantasy owners, as long as you wait until the big-time scorers are off the board in your draft. Landeskog fills stats across the categories, but you can wait on him until the sixth round or so to maximize value. The X factor will be how a new linemate (potentially Jarome Iginla) fits in with Landeskog and Nathan MacKinnon. - SA
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2015 Projections73302252-6721718:10278233
2015 Outlook: Who will it be? Will it be Mike Ribeiro, Olli Jokinen or Derek Roy? Or maybe it will be Mike Fisher once he's recovered. The bottom line is none of the options to center James Neal are named Evgeni Malkin. That is why Neal tumbles from the elite of the fantasy world to just being an above-average goal scorer in the league. Neal has a chance to be a true leader for a Predators franchise that has been missing a strong goal scorer since Alexander Radulov chose the KHL. But his numbers won't be close to what they were as Malkin's winger and Sidney Crosby's power-play mate. For the record, we are betting on Ribeiro as the centerman, which will provide Neal with strong playmaking and should help him approach 30 goals. He's still a No. 4 fantasy forward. - SA
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2015 Projections82243458-8601920:36236243
2015 Outlook: Staal finished the season in decent standing with his fantasy owners. Not good, but decent. He had a hot start but disappeared down the stretch. That's not acceptable when he was being selected as a No. 2 or No. 3 fantasy forward. The problem is that this inconsistency has dogged Staal for much longer than just one season. Are you getting the Staal who scored 45 points in 54 games before the Olympic break? Or the Staal who scored just nine points in 16 games during one of the most important months of the fantasy hockey season (March)? Staal, Alexander Semin and Jiri Tlustly didn't show the same kind of chemistry they did in 2013, either. Still, Staal is an offensive dynamo when he wants to be, and a new head coach could be just what Staal needs to kick-start his production. However, a new head coach probably doesn't fix the plus/minus problem for the Hurricanes, so getting Staal as a No. 4 or No. 5 forward would be ideal. He should slip that far. - SA
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2015 Projections81302757-6421520:34286250
2015 Outlook: The only pressing concern lies with whether the Leafs are serious about experimenting with JVR moving to the second line in an attempt to balance out scoring, and there have been rumblings to that effect. Otherwise, Phil Kessel's top-line buddy is queued up for another productive, goal-heavy season as a formidable, and difficult-to-defend, front-of-net presence. - VM
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2015 Outlook: Nyquist is the latest positive proof of the Red Wings' slow, steady approach to preparing a player for the NHL. Without ever rushing his development and giving him plenty of cups of coffee along the way, Nyquist finally exploded at the NHL level when given the opportunity this past season. He scored 48 points in 57 games and is an extremely enticing figure entering this season. Can he maintain a pace that would have him at 70 points in a full season? Or will the return of healthy offensive leaders Henrik Zetterberg and Pavel Datsyuk cut into his production? The answer probably lies somewhere in between. Nyquist should be selected as a top-50 forward, but hopefully, you can wait until the seventh round of your draft to make the move. - SA
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2015 Projections7922325417841017:08142216
2015 Outlook: Nothing is certain but death, taxes and Lucic's fantasy contribution. By scoring about 25 goals, 60 points and bringing penalty minutes to the table, fantasy owners know that Lucic will border on being a top-50 fantasy forward. But if you are going to take him as your No. 4 or No. 5 forward in your draft, you might want some assurances that his plus/minus will once again be strong enough to put him there. Given that the talented Loui Eriksson is the likely candidate to line up with Lucic and center David Krejci, things do look quite positive for the line to continue its success without Jarome Iginla. Lucic is proof that a power forward can be a top fantasy contributor in the right situation. - SA
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2015 Projections79183048797818:30197190
2015 Outlook: The Blue Jackets' depth chart can be debated extensively, but what is clear is that Dubinsky turned in a pretty solid fantasy season despite being on the team's second line. That helps us buy into him regardless of how the lines shake out with the addition of Scott Hartnell to the mix. He's probably not a regular 20-goal scorer in a second-line role, but Dubinsky's penalty minutes and average ice time help him in standard leagues. However Hartnell fits into the equation, he makes the Jackets' second line better -- whether through bumping Boone Jenner or Nathan Horton from the top line or landing on the second line himself. That bodes well for Dubinsky to have another fantasy season that gets underrated because he isn't overly flashy on offense. - SA
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2015 Projections79242650-71041616:25200214
2015 Outlook: Simmonds was the ultimate fourth Musketeer last season, joining Claude Giroux, Scott Hartnell and Jakub Voracek (who played together on the same line at even strength) on the power play. The role suits him. Simmonds finished third in the NHL in power-play goals and, largely thanks to his 106 penalty minutes and 209 shots on goal, stuffed enough categories to be a No. 3 or No. 4 fantasy forward last season. Can he do it again with Hartnell now departed? We do know that Hartnell was ineffective and missed some games in 2013, and Simmonds put up the same rate of stats as he did in 2013-14. That's a good sign for Simmonds in terms of his ability to manage just fine in the post-Hartnell Flyers era. There could even be some upside here. Michael Raffl was OK but not great on the top line last season, Matt Read is streaky and R.J. Umberger has looked a bit long in the tooth in recent seasons. What if Simmonds joins Giroux and Voracek on a permanent basis? Simmonds has shown chemistry with Giroux and Voracek on the power play, and he's a sleeper to earn the top-line role at even strength, too. - SA
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2015 Outlook: We aren't ranking Nash very highly, but we are trying to use our heads instead of our hearts. Here we have a 30-year-old who has twice scored 40 goals in the NHL despite being a one-man show for many seasons with the Columbus Blue Jackets. He finally moves on to star in the Big Apple and turns in a pretty impressive debut in the lockout-shortened season. But then, things come crashing to the floor in his encore. Only 26 goals and 39 points in 65 games is barely better than Nash's rookie season of 2002-03. In the playoffs, he was a disaster. The Rangers advanced despite Nash getting only three goals in 25 games. The pressure will be on to turn it around, and we think Nash can bounce back, but take the draft-day discount that will come with him leaving such a sour taste in owners' mouths this past season. - SA
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2015 Outlook: The young lad has yet to compete at the NHL level, and already pundits are salivating at the prospect of Drouin skating on a top scoring line with Steven Stamkos. It certainly could work out that way. Ahead of training camp, ESPN Insider Corey Pronman considers Drouin, 19, an early contender for the Calder Trophy, and anyone with that amount of skill playing with Stamkos is obviously worth our attention in fantasy. - VM
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2015 Projections77262450-6871018:52208214
2015 Outlook: Perron had a terrific debut as an Oiler and used his puck-wizardry skills to come close to a 30-30 season. He would probably rank a lot higher coming into this season if not for the disarray of the Oilers' depth chart. After penciling in Taylor Hall on the top line, there isn't much clarity for how the lines and power-play assignments will be doled out. Perron will earn more minutes than most given his skills on and off the power play and therefore is our second choice among Oilers forwards. Whether on the top line with Hall or anchoring the second unit, Perron will find a way to get his points. But take the discount at the draft table because the Oilers have more top-six forwards than they have room for. - SA
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2015 Projections822125464711418:11182194
2015 Outlook: It's a bit weird to realize that Kreider has almost played in half as many playoff games as he has regular-season games in the NHL. Add the 41 playoff games to the 89 regular-season games and it becomes clear Kreider is a growing power forward who is going to threaten the 30-goal threshold sooner than later. Consider his penalty-minute numbers and power-play skills and, all of a sudden, we have a true fantasy star of the future. Kreider was dominant in the playoffs, scoring 13 points in 15 games despite missing time with injury. However the lineup shakes out for the Rangers, it feels a bit like wherever Kreider and Derek Stepan play will be the team's true top line. Look for a fantasy breakout from Kreider, and bet on him as a No. 6 fantasy forward. - SA
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2015 Projections8016375315141319:43168205
2015 Outlook: Someone will slide very comfortably into the Jarome Iginla's open wing spot next to David Krejci and Milan Lucic. Who better for the job than a winger only two years removed from a streak of four consecutive 25-goal seasons? Eriksson started that run of strong campaigns with the Dallas Stars with a 36-goal season in 2008-09 and followed it up with three 70-plus point seasons. He missed more than 20 games this past season with injuries, including a nasty concussion. But he's only 29 years old and is the best applicant for a fantastic job opening with Krejci and Lucic. A healthy season from Eriksson could be the best of his career. - SA
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2015 Projections811349628261617:37128228
2015 Outlook: Look for a breakout campaign from Granlund. He got better as the season wore on, to the point where he closed the campaign as a borderline elite scorer. In his final 34 games, Granlund had 26 points (compare that to 15 points in 29 games at the start of the season). It helped that the Wild established a pretty consistent line of Granlund, Jason Pominville and Nino Niederreiter, helping Granlund to develop chemistry with his wingers. The addition of Thomas Vanek to the top six throws some question into whether that line will return this season, but Granlund is quite clearly the second-line center for a club that boasts enough scoring wingers for two lines. He might just need some time to get established if he has new players around him. Look for Granlund to blow past the 60-point barrier in a healthy season. - SA
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2015 Projections8121325314201117:00173213
2015 Outlook: The upside is that Saad is still young (21) and playing for the right team for his plus/minus (plus-37 during two seasons). The downside is there are only so many points to go around for the Blackhawks. Saad certainly has the offensive capabilities to score many more points in a season than the 47 he registered in 2013-14, but the opportunity isn't yet there for him to have an offensive explosion. He is the sixth and final member of the Hawks' top two lines, and even that could be in jeopardy if the team needs a more physical presence on the second line. Keeper leagues will want Saad going into the future, but pending an injury above him on the depth chart, Saad is only a substitute fantasy forward this season. - SA