Complete 2015 Projections

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2014 Statistics82374380-5272020:40305399
2015 Projections82324375-2262320:21307380.5
2015 Outlook: If anyone on the Leafs' current roster is going to punch through the 90-point mark in a regular season, it will be Kessel. And such a notion isn't all that fanciful, especially with James van Riemsdyk as a linemate. Plus, Kessel's durability is underrated; he hasn't missed a game since 2008-09. - VM
2014 Statistics8134457921641919:09279394.5
2015 Projections763034646542319:23262352
2015 Outlook: Benn loved having Tyler Seguin as a linemate. Only the Toronto Maple Leafs' and Boston Bruins' top trios generated more goals at even strength last season than the combination of Benn, Seguin and Valeri Nichushkin. And you can look at Nichushkin's final totals to realize that the Benn-Seguin combination is what really matters. Improvement from Nichushkin can only help, but it doesn't need to happen for Benn to repeat as a star fantasy forward. He should go in your draft as a top-tier No. 2 fantasy forward and would make a nice one-two punch with Seguin in fantasy if the opportunity presented itself.- SA
2014 Statistics7835336825662219:09218356
2015 Projections8031316220472118:37222319.5
2015 Outlook: Coveted for the on-ice company he keeps (see: Sidney Crosby), Kunitz probably doesn't get the full respect he deserves as an individual talent orfantasy asset. But who cares? Since joining the Penguins, the winger has averaged 0.81 points per regular-season game. At 34 years old, he doesn't seem to be slowing down; Kunitz scored more goals (35) in 2013-14 than ever before. - VM
2014 Statistics6729275610302020:26245319.5
2015 Projections7032326412361920:31274347
2015 Outlook: The Wild are still looking for Parise to hit that extra gear that makes him a dangerous point-per-game sniper in the NHL. Now three seasons removed from his knee surgery and two seasons removed from the New Jersey Devils, we wonder if Parise still has that extra gear. We are going to find out this season, for sure. The Wild have added free agent Thomas Vanek, which will give Parise an elite winger to complement him on the other side of Mikko Koivu. The trio could prove to be a deadly combination, and Vanek's finishing skills should be enough to push Parise back toward the elite level that he maintained prior to his knee surgery. If he can't score a point per game in this situation, it's a sign that Parise simply doesn't have that gear anymore. - SA
2014 Statistics8229417034242320:53200323
2015 Projections7726386419182320:41232310
2015 Outlook: The number of elite seasons already turned in by Kopitar is quite incredible. Considering that he just turned 27 years old, he has to be considered one of the brightest young stars in the game. The consistency for fantasy owners still isn't there 100 percent, but Kopitar only had one "off" month all season in 2013-14, so he's getting close. He has the talent to be putting in more than 80 points per season, but it's hard to be disappointed with 70 points, an elite plus/minus and more than enough shots on goal. It will be interesting to see if Marian Gaborik can push Kopitar back into the stratosphere. The pair finished extremely strong this past regular season, and then dominated the playoffs together. - SA
2014 Statistics79233356-2522626:54195300.5
2015 Projections791839578482226:38217295.5
2015 Outlook: For a team built from the blue line out, it's no surprise to see Weber as the Predators' top fantasy asset. Weber plays a ton of minutes, can approach 20 goals from the point, has power-play production through the roof and is defensively sound to round out the total package. With the skilled Roman Josi roaming the ice beside him, Weber reached new heights in 2013-14 with a ridiculous total of 23 goals. Don't expect that kind of performance again, but the 50 points are more than a reasonable expectation. Also, with a healthy Pekka Rinne tending twine, look for an improved plus/minus from Weber to increase his overall value. Erik Karlsson is the best fantasy defenseman, but Weber is in the argument for second best. - SA
2014 Statistics74273057141191619:33165315
2015 Projections7726315715951819:34175302
2015 Outlook: A refreshing fruit salad of a player in the standard league fridge, Backes offers a little bit of everything, ranging from tart to sweet, to please your fantasy hockey palate. A respectable collection of points at even strength and with the man advantage, above-average PIM, healthy plus-minus, decent TOI average -- it's all in there. But, no one ingredient will blow you away (it's still only fruit salad). And that's OK. Look to draft Backes early in the third round in most conventional leagues. VM
2014 Statistics75275380-15441720:01250361
2015 Projections74294978-7462119:55248360
2015 Outlook: Say what you want about the other young Oilers players taking a step back in 2013-14, but Hall is a steady rock star for fantasy owners. He proved that he not only has point-per-game ability in the NHL, but he proved he can do it with his teammates all on a downward spiral. To put things in perspective, the top producing line for the Oilers last season was Hall, Jordan Eberle and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. The second top producing trio? Well, that was Hall, Sam Gagner and David Perron. That's right, Hall was on the best and second-best line for his team. Fantasy owners should bank on continued elite scoring from Hall and be aware that he still hasn't peaked for value. With linemates back on track and an overall improved team defense, Hall could push into No. 2 fantasy forward territory this season; he's a lock as a No. 3 fantasy forward. - SA
2014 Statistics731631470381820:36224268
2015 Projections7324355910362619:40226311
2015 Outlook: We've heard the melancholic warnings about the Sedins slowing and breaking down as they enter their "golden years," but a 33-year-old Sedin is still worth more than most 25-year-old non-Sedins (as the old saying goes). And we're excited about watching Daniel (along with brother Henrik) respond to new coach Willie Desjardins, who reportedly aims to bring a fast-paced offense back to Vancouver. As long as Daniel remains healthy -- and that has become a legit concern of late -- he should see an increase in production across the board, particularly in the goal-scoring department. - VM
2014 Statistics712347708191718:30217309
2015 Projections7326416714252019:01236317.5
2015 Outlook: Technically speaking, Duchene hasn't posted a complete season that would put him as a No. 2 fantasy forward. However, let's not get too technical; this guy is amazing on the ice. Duchene can take over the game when he wants and is in an ideal situation to move into the elite tier of fantasy forwards. He'll pair, once again, with Ryan O'Reilly on a line that will feature a new member for the departed P.A. Parenteau. Because either player can play center, the new linemate could easily be a winger, such as, oh, let's say, legendary scorer Jarome Iginla. But even if Iginla is moved elsewhere, some of the other potential linemates include veteran playmaker Alex Tanguay or power forward Jamie McGinn. The upside of an improved power play helping to fuel Duchene's production makes him even more exciting. He'll be worth the use of a third-round draft choice.- SA
2014 Statistics82104353-4812324:37204286.5
2015 Projections801238506712125:03210279.5
2015 Outlook: Still just coming into his prime, Subban is in the same place as fellow franchisee Carey Price. And that place would be in the conversation as a top-three fantasy asset at his position. Subban is definitely in the same range as Erik Karlsson and Shea Weber as the most valuable fantasy blueliner. We think the conversation is a bit shorter than with goaltenders (as Karlsson is a bit ahead of the other two), but that's beside the point. Subban, aside from some defensive growth needed to stabilize his plus/minus, is the complete package. He shoots, he scores, he gets penalty minutes and he plays big minutes on and off the power play. It will cost fantasy owners a high draft pick this offseason to acquire Subban's services.- SA
2014 Statistics782741687461819:21248343
2015 Projections7025335811402219:22242315
2015 Outlook: After bouncing around the NHL in 2013-14, ultimately assisting the Montreal Canadiens with a Cinderella playoff run, Vanek signed with the Wild this offseason. He provides an instant upgrade over every winger on the team save for Zach Parise, and should play with Parise on the team's top line. Despite suiting up for three different teams, Vanek managed 27 goals. But key in on his time with the New York Islanders, when he played with an elite player in John Tavares and you'll see the potential Vanek has with Parise. Vanek had 17 goals in 47 games with the Isles, scoring points at nearly a point-per-game clip. There is tremendous potential for Vanek to return to elite levels this coming season. - SA
2014 Statistics37111122-8161224:14108136
2015 Projections7116304614522324:25199263.5
2015 Outlook: One of the premiere offensive defensemen in the league, Letang is no worse for wear after suffering that terrifying stroke in January, as made evident during last season's playoff run. The only prospective threat to Letang's numbers in 2014-15 is the possibility of being bumped from the top power-play unit by offseason signing Christian Ehrhoff. Even then, there's likely enough scoring to go around in Pittsburgh to suit everyone. - VM
2014 Statistics7628406826341520:28193311.5
2015 Projections7724386221291820:24200293.5
2015 Outlook: Toews is a rare breed, in that his leadership and skill on the ice don't translate all that well to fantasy. Toews does a lot of the little things for which standard fantasy leagues don't account. He'll make a run at 30 goals and probably top 60 points, but with minimal power-play points and low shots-on-goal totals, he misses the elite tier of fantasy forwards. Toews makes Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp a lot better but doesn't reap all the benefits himself. Look for him as a No. 2, or maybe even No. 3, forward on your team. - SA
2014 Statistics701139503421820:4097203.5
2015 Projections8014577110552520:02122276.5
2015 Outlook: Along with his twin brother, we expect Henrik to rebound under new coach Willie Desjardins from a thoroughly disappointing 2013-14 season, as long as the forward is able to stay healthy. The Sedin twins no longer merit first- or second-round selection in fantasy drafts, but they're not fit for pasture yet, particularly with the major culture change underway in Vancouver. VM