Complete 2015 Projections

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2014 Statistics5836157338662.04.930
2015 Projections6239.1177367862.09.923
2015 Outlook: Rask's numbers as the No. 1 fantasy goaltender speak for themselves. No other goaltender has brought the same kind of exceptional stats and consistency to the net in the regular season during Rask's reign at the top. Since very little is changing with the Bruins' personnel and style, there is no reason not to expect more of the same from the 27-year-old. There are very talented goaltenders in the Bruins' system that will begin to nip at Rask's heels, but he is locked in with a long-term deal and his future is quite secure. Perhaps the only minor qualm is that Rask and the Bruins have done so well in recent seasons that he has been given extra rest toward the end of the fantasy season, just when you need him the most. Of course, that's a pretty good problem to have for both the Bruins and Rask's fantasy owners. - SA
2014 Statistics4927176290442.07.915
2015 Projections6034.818.66355952.06.918
2015 Outlook: Quick was his usual dominant self by the end of 2013-14. October was a bad month, and he missed 24 games in November and December because of a groin injury. But after that, Quick ran out the season as one of the best in the league. The overall result was a No. 1 fantasy goaltender that then went on to capture his second Stanley Cup in three years. Quick can get into slumps, but they don't last long. He's in a small group of four goaltenders you can really consider as the best of the best. We have him behind Tuukka Rask based on consistency, but that's it. The Kings will remain a smothering defensive team that will generate great goaltending numbers for whoever is in the crease; it's just a nice bonus that Quick also happens to be talented. - SA
2014 Statistics5934206346452.32.927
2015 Projections6335.9204373732.28.923
2015 Outlook: Now 27 years old, Price has stepped into the franchise goaltender tag we thought he had already earned. As it turns out, he was just getting started. He showed his ability to be the best against the best, with a 0.59 goals-against average during the Olympics. Then, he showed his ability to steal a series for his team in the playoffs. Price put up phenomenal statistics in net and pushed himself into the conversation with Tuukka Rask and Jonathan Quick as the game's best fantasy netminder. He'll probably go before the second round is out in many fantasy drafts, but there are some small risks. The Habs had to make room for their up-and-coming defensemen, but nobody blocks shots quite like Josh Gorges did. His absence will have an impact on Price's numbers if Jarred Tinordi or Nathan Beaulieu aren't ready for prime-time ice time. - SA
2014 Statistics6233245365552.36.920
2015 Projections6135.418.95361852.32.925
2015 Outlook: Lundqvist's ratios in 2013-14 were a hair behind what we've come to expect. Then again, "just a hair behind what we've come to expect" from Lundqvist is still elite. Lundqvist was 14th in goals-against average and 15th in save percentage, but when you weed out the goaltenders with only half his workload, he becomes top 10 in both, along with the requisite high number of wins. The biggest battle you fight at the draft table for fantasy hockey is avoiding busts, and few goaltenders have a track record of nonfailure comparable to that of Lundqvist. King Henrik has started at least 75 percent of Rangers games going back eight seasons. He's still the King until someone dethrones him. Take him as a No. 1 fantasy goaltender and know you're secure in that department. - SA
2014 Statistics2410102136632.77.902
2015 Projections6132.920.75361862.25.921
2015 Outlook: Things got ugly in the crease for the Predators last season after Rinne needed hip surgery. But all indications are that he is healthy and ready to roll for the 2014-15 season. Rinne returned for 15 games at the end of last season and was rounding into form by the end of the campaign, going 3-0-1 in his final four games. Rinne then won tournament MVP as he backstopped Finland to a silver medal at the IIHF World Championship. Seeing him back in elite form during the summer should be all a fantasy owner needs to buy in to the idea of Rinne rejoining the elite fantasy goaltenders this season. Rinne can steal games as well as any goaltender, and his job is made that much easier by the elite defensive group in front of him. You could do a lot worse for a No. 1 fantasy goaltender for your team. - SA
2014 Statistics6439185379252.37.915
2015 Projections6339.117.74373742.34.914
2015 Outlook: No other top-10 goalie in the league receives as much criticism as the starting netminder for the Penguins. Yet Fleury's regular-season numbers are dependably solid (save percentage, goals-against average) to super (wins, shutouts). His admittedly less-glossy postseason resume -- and the 29-year-old was better this past spring -- shouldn't mean a lick to fantasy owners. Another bonus for Fleury owners in 2014-15: He's in a contract year, which could push him to perform his best. - VM
2014 Statistics6041142363962.41.927
2015 Projections5934.218.33350042.43.922
2015 Outlook: Varlamov was a revelation in 2013-14. Helping take the Avalanche from worst to first in their division, Varlamov turned in a respectable 2.41 goals-against average that can improve with the help of a learning defensive core. But more impressive for his fantasy owners was an awesome .927 save percentage while facing a lot of rubber. Varlamov was a workhorse in the crease and showed little signs of slowing down while playing 63 games. The Avalanche offense will continue to provide Varlamov with plenty of wins, and fantasy owners can rest easy with him as a No. 1 goaltender. The GAA should make him slip outside the top five goalies, but wait much longer and you'll miss out on him. - SA
2014 Statistics6337145358672.23.924
2015 Projections6233.521.14367872.47.919
2015 Outlook: Bishop's Vezina-nominated turn in 2013-14 was no fluke. It's not like the 27-year-old wasn't good during his stint with the Senators, or even the Blues before then. Only that after throwing off the shackles of serving as a supporting cast member in Ottawa and St. Louis, Bishop was finally able to strut his stuff as an unencumbered No. 1. And strut he did. As long as the recovery from offseason wrist surgery remains smooth and on-schedule -- as anticipated -- Tampa's top banana shouldn't fall far from the .924 save percentage and 2.23 goals-against average marks (along with 37 wins) he posted this past season. VM
2014 Statistics5832205329952.38.923
2015 Projections6433.922.23379682.47.917
2015 Outlook: Bobrovsky has come a long way since forcing his way into the NHL when the Philadelphia Flyers had a void in goal back in 2010-11. For stretches during the past two seasons, no goaltender has been better. The qualifier of "for stretches" remains key with a 25-year-old starter still looking for consistency. The bottom line, however, is Bobrovsky's save percentage has been excellent with the Blue Jackets, which means he can stand up to a lot of rubber. Whether he will continue to see an overwhelming number of pucks on an improving team shouldn't have much impact on his fantasy value, which is strong in both ratio categories. There are plenty of No. 1 fantasy goaltenders that are safer bets thanks to a proven team track record in front of them, but Bobrovsky and the Blue Jackets are approaching that same consideration quickly. He's a top-10 fantasy netminder, for sure. - SA
2014 Statistics43161532679121.97.921
2015 Projections5927.723.15350072.30.916
2015 Outlook: Schneider maintained crisp ratios for yet another season as he emerged from Roberto Luongo's shadow, but showed he is the starting goaltender that will step into the wake left by future Hall of Famer Martin Brodeur. The wins still might not be there for Schneider, but you shouldn't base too much of your fantasy goaltending strategy on a fickle category. Just look at last season: Schneider maintained a tidy 1.97 goals-against average, but that still wasn't enough for the Devils' offense to win half of his games. The team has made some small upgrades on offense, but it's tough to expect different results in terms of wins. However, regardless of wins, Schneider's ratios are very worthy of being a No. 1 fantasy goaltender. - SA
2014 Statistics5925301350042.64.918
2015 Projections6232.2224367852.41.914
2015 Outlook: Never mind that odd, brief turn with the Blues this past spring. Logic dictates that Miller will enjoy better numbers in Vancouver than he did in recent campaigns with the Sabres, at least in the wins and goals-against average columns. Buffalo allowed nearly six more shots per game than the Canucks through 2013-14, and those add up over the course of a season. While Miller may be getting a bit long in the tooth, the 34-year-old shouldn't yet have to worry about Eddie Lack -- or one of the club's other Swedish youngsters -- pilfering the No. 1 reigns. - VM
2014 Statistics5029135293872.25.921
2015 Projections5826.123.63344062.29.916
2015 Outlook: The Islanders decided to blow up their goaltending plans and start fresh this season, and they made a great decision to go with Halak. A fundamentally solid 29-year-old who has been seemingly caught in goaltending timeshares for his whole career, he now has a chance to step out and take a young team by the horns. We think Halak will manage just fine. He can handle a lot of rubber and will be a save percentage asset regardless of how the Isles fare in front of him. But the wins and goals-against average will somewhat depend on how well the defense can perform. The Islanders have some solid blue-line players, but many of them are still quite young. It's probably not a safe bet to lump Halak in as a No. 1 fantasy goalie, but if you can get him as a No. 2, you should be quite happy. - SA
2014 Statistics56321623395102.26.917
2015 Projections6133.620.34361852.43.913
2015 Outlook: Crawford might have a reputation as a somewhat unreliable fantasy netminder, but his nights off are growing further between. In fact, his final goals-against average in 2013-14 was top 10 among all goaltenders, and the season before, he was tied for second. Some of that is derived from playing for the defensively aware Blackhawks, but that shouldn't matter to fantasy owners since Crawford's role isn't changing. While owners should be conscious of the existence of Antti Raanta, Crawford has to open the door for Raanta to gain any real footing. Crawford will, once again, play upward of 60 games for an elite NHL squad and turn in strong fantasy ratios. He's definitely a No. 1 fantasy goalie but isn't an elite one because there isn't much upside to his game. We've seen his ceiling already. - SA
2014 Statistics64332053803102.41.919
2015 Projections5831.319.74344042.41.916
2015 Outlook: Lehtonen's ratios are middling and far from terrible, but it's the wins that keep him out of the No. 1 fantasy goaltender department. Over the years, Lehtonen has developed into a dependable, much-less-fragile netminder who can play a lot of hockey for the Stars and fantasy owners. While he can steal a game at times (five shutouts in 2013-14), his overall ratios aren't elite for fantasy purposes. But because of his reliability and job security, Lehtonen will go pretty quickly among the tier of No. 2 goaltenders. There isn't much upside with him, but you are paying for his reliability, not his potential. - SA
2014 Statistics5625234322272.40.919
2015 Projections6028.223.52355952.36.913
2015 Outlook: While there are a lot of unknowns about how the talent on the Panthers will manifest itself during the coming NHL season, we do know that Luongo is about as solid in the Panthers' crease as any goaltender could hope to be. Even in a small sample after the trade deadline this past season, Luongo put up stellar save percentage numbers that help recall his days in a Panthers uniform from early in his career. He thrives in an environment in which plenty of pucks are coming his way, and that should still be the case in 2014-15. Also, with no goaltender controversy and much less pressure than compared to being with the Vancouver Canucks, Luongo should be a borderline No. 1 fantasy goaltender once again. It'll be a lack of wins, if anything, that hurts his value. SA