Complete 2015 Projections

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2014 Statistics7628406826341520:28193121.8
2015 Projections7724386221291820:24200100.4
2015 Outlook: Toews is a rare breed, in that his leadership and skill on the ice don't translate all that well to fantasy. Toews does a lot of the little things for which standard fantasy leagues don't account. He'll make a run at 30 goals and probably top 60 points, but with minimal power-play points and low shots-on-goal totals, he misses the elite tier of fantasy forwards. Toews makes Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp a lot better but doesn't reap all the benefits himself. Look for him as a No. 2, or maybe even No. 3, forward on your team. - SA
2014 Statistics701139503421820:409777.4
2015 Projections8014577110552520:02122101
2015 Outlook: Along with his twin brother, we expect Henrik to rebound under new coach Willie Desjardins from a thoroughly disappointing 2013-14 season, as long as the forward is able to stay healthy. The Sedin twins no longer merit first- or second-round selection in fantasy drafts, but they're not fit for pasture yet, particularly with the major culture change underway in Vancouver. VM
2014 Statistics8224396320261717:21241111.3
2015 Projections7827386510261818:0825195.1
2015 Outlook: With a total of 63 points and a Calder Trophy in the closet, MacKinnon debuted in the NHL to rave reviews from fantasy owners. It certainly helps that the Avalanche were able to provide him with a steady role on a line with Paul Stastny and fellow recent Calder winner Gabriel Landeskog. Stastny is gone, but in as a possible replacement is Jarome Iginla. Having a goal scorer with Iginla's history would not only help MacKinnon now, but likely advance his development for the long term. Fantasy owners will have to invest early to get MacKinnon, since expectations will be high for an improvement. He is a No. 3 fantasy forward that you can get in the fourth round for this season, but don't be surprised if he goes sooner. - SA
2014 Statistics6523315421201318:56233102.9
2015 Projections813234661301818:4226698.5
2015 Outlook: According to rumblings out of San Jose, the "era of Couture" is entering launch phase. Amid trade rumors regarding members of the old guard -- Joe Thornton, Patrick Marleau, et al -- and redistribution of jersey letters, the Sharks are clearly keen on focusing on building around their rising young star. Does this mean we should expect Couture to finally break through the 70-point barrier in 2014-15? Sure, but the 25-year-old is probably ready to hit that mark, regardless. VM
2014 Statistics45172037161220:1612659.8
2015 Projections7021335415302220:2418086
2015 Outlook: It certainly hurt the Red Wings to have both Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg injured for so much of the campaign. But the long-term gain was the emergence of players like Gustav Nyquist and Tomas Tatar. Now, the Red Wings have even more talent to mix together for scoring lines. It means that a healthy Datsyuk is a huge bounce-back candidate for the coming campaign. Given the skill he'll have on the ice with him, Datsyuk should have little trouble pushing back toward 45 assists and an elite fantasy value. With the knee issues behind him (without opting for surgery), Datsyuk should be a steal in the third round of your draft.- SA
2014 Statistics722723508441418:5725695.6
2015 Projections7627204714441618:5025881.9
2015 Outlook: Carter found his groove again in 2013-14 with the Los Angeles Kings. While not back to his epic 300-shot season with the Philadelphia Flyers, Carter had 256 shots and 27 goals despite missing 10 games. His pace continued into the postseason, where he had 10 goals and 25 points in 26 games. At the tail end of the season and into the playoffs, Carter was playing with young guns Tanner Pearson and Tyler Toffoli, a line that could very well be reunited this season. But either way, Carter will earn his points thanks to his propensity for getting open and taking shots. Health will be the only thing that keeps Carter from scoring 30 goals, and he has an outside shot at 40. - SA
2014 Statistics79214061-13741220:1723091.9
2015 Projections82243458-8601920:3623683.5
2015 Outlook: Staal finished the season in decent standing with his fantasy owners. Not good, but decent. He had a hot start but disappeared down the stretch. That's not acceptable when he was being selected as a No. 2 or No. 3 fantasy forward. The problem is that this inconsistency has dogged Staal for much longer than just one season. Are you getting the Staal who scored 45 points in 54 games before the Olympic break? Or the Staal who scored just nine points in 16 games during one of the most important months of the fantasy hockey season (March)? Staal, Alexander Semin and Jiri Tlustly didn't show the same kind of chemistry they did in 2013, either. Still, Staal is an offensive dynamo when he wants to be, and a new head coach could be just what Staal needs to kick-start his production. However, a new head coach probably doesn't fix the plus/minus problem for the Hurricanes, so getting Staal as a No. 4 or No. 5 forward would be ideal. He should slip that far. - SA
2014 Statistics80283664-122219:49201101.2
2015 Projections822337609162019:5120689.6
2015 Outlook: O'Reilly showed some versatility this past season, adding a 28-goal campaign to his resume. Playing with Matt Duchene is a big part of his value, but the two have chemistry and are unlikely to be separated anytime soon. A new linemate in the form of Jarome Iginla, Daniel Briere or a healthy Alex Tanguay could even increase the value O'Reilly brings to fantasy owners. But to take the argument one step further, those additional names are a bit of a threat to O'Reilly because he is a better two-way forward than any of them. If defense becomes an issue for the Avs, O'Reilly might be the first candidate to help improve the team's shutdown line -- which isn't usually a scoring line. And at the end of the day, O'Reilly just doesn't have the pure firepower of Duchene, Iginla or Nathan MacKinnon and is probably also behind Gabriel Landeskog for power-play time. He'll still provide solid, start-worthy fantasy stats, but O'Reilly should be selected a little bit later. - SA
2014 Statistics8019506939281919:07169129.4
2015 Projections8218415923181618:5316189.3
2015 Outlook: The increase in assists and run up to almost 70 points were not an aberration for a very skilled playmaking center like Krejci. He has been fairly consistent in points, and shown an even better ability when the pressure is on in the postseason. No, points aren't what will make or break Krejci's season as a top 50 fantasy forward. It will be his plus/minus. Krejci's plus/minus plays into his value a lot, because when he has a strong season in the category, he has a very strong season. He has led the NHL in plus/minus twice in his career, including a league-best plus-39 last season. Always paired with Milan Lucic, it's the third member of the line that has rotated through the years. Successful plus/minus campaigns for Krejci have included linemates such as Phil Kessel, a healthy Nathan Horton and Jarome Iginla. Unsuccessful campaigns in the plus/minus department have seen him paired with Tyler Seguin and Michael Ryder. This season's likely linemate is Loui Eriksson, who has had plenty of success in plus/minus during his career. Things look good for Krejci and Lucic to repeat their success with Eriksson in tow. - SA
2014 Statistics8030326238431117:59243125.7
2015 Projections8023325518251118:1322187.5
2015 Outlook: A spike in both shots on goal and goals brought Bergeron to a fantasy level equal to his teammates that anchor the Bruins' top line. As the squad's second-line pivot, Bergeron hasn't always had as many offensive opportunities as David Krejci and Milan Lucic, but he matched them last season. With 30 goals and 62 points to go with a plus-38 rating (just one behind Krejci's league-leading mark), Bergeron showed just how deep this Bruins team is. Playing regularly with upstart sophomore Reilly Smith and Brad Marchand this past season, Bergeron's two-way skills make him a fantasy asset no matter who he shares the ice with. Not much is expected to change in Bruins Land this season, so Bergeron should once again be knocking on the door of the top 50 fantasy forwards. - SA
2014 Statistics761634505981018:47189108.6
2015 Projections79183048797818:3019776.2
2015 Outlook: The Blue Jackets' depth chart can be debated extensively, but what is clear is that Dubinsky turned in a pretty solid fantasy season despite being on the team's second line. That helps us buy into him regardless of how the lines shake out with the addition of Scott Hartnell to the mix. He's probably not a regular 20-goal scorer in a second-line role, but Dubinsky's penalty minutes and average ice time help him in standard leagues. However Hartnell fits into the equation, he makes the Jackets' second line better -- whether through bumping Boone Jenner or Nathan Horton from the top line or landing on the second line himself. That bodes well for Dubinsky to have another fantasy season that gets underrated because he isn't overly flashy on offense. - SA
2014 Statistics80193756-12262020:2417886.8
2015 Projections76244064-11162520:0321286.6
2015 Outlook: He's still only 21 years old, so the 56-point season should not be the only thing we look at in assessing Nugent-Hopkins for this season. However, the injury history through three NHL seasons -- and the influx of scoring-line forwards on the Oilers -- are marks against him. RNH should get back to the 70-point pace he showed in his rookie season as long as he lines up on the first line and first power-play unit. There isn't as much threat to RNH's role as others in the offense because he is one of the few true centermen on the squad. While there are questions about how the wings are lined up, Nugent-Hopkins will be on the top line with Taylor Hall. That's more than enough to make him worth the investment. - SA
2014 Statistics75234366-26462218:1322389.4
2015 Projections78203858-2402118:0720581.5
2015 Outlook: Will Spezza continue to deposit close to a point per game now that he is a clear second-line center? That is the big question when it comes to assessing this playmaking machine that is out of an Ottawa Senators uniform for the first time in his career. It's a bit of a gamble but one that could really pay off for fantasy owners. Spezza may not have first dibs on the best linemates with the Stars, but the secondary crop isn't much worse than the first choices he has had in recent seasons with the Senators. In fact, we already know that Spezza displays chemistry with Ales Hemsky, as the duo was solid with the Sens after this past season's trade deadline. Actually, a Spezza, Hemsky and Erik Cole line looks pretty good on paper and might be worth investing in at the draft table. Of course, Hemsky and Cole will come a lot cheaper than Spezza, who still carries some perceived value as a top-line player. At the very least, Spezza's totals should be buoyed from first power-play unit time with Tyler Seguin and Jamie Benn. - SA
2014 Statistics8211657620321918:56122116
2015 Projections801258708381818:3311392.8
2015 Outlook: Are you thinking what we're thinking? That Thornton is going to play out of his mind in 2014-15, with the extra incentive of sticking it to his captaincy-revoking coaches and members of San Jose management? Plus, it's not like Jumbo Joe performed poorly this past season, finishing second to uber-star Sidney Crosby in assists. While it's becoming more prevalent to swoon over a blooming Logan Couture, or an up-and-coming Tomas Hertl, there's still a lot to like about the wizened playmaking center, particularly as a third-round fantasy draft selection. - VM
2014 Statistics823330633432017:39237115.6
2015 Projections822928572261418:1725182.1
2015 Outlook: Contract turmoil this summer after Johansen's breakout season will eventually subside. Fantasy owners will be left with a 22-year-old center who scored 33 goals in his first opportunity to be a leader on offense. It's a very good sign that we haven't seen the best of what Johansen has to offer fantasy owners and the Blue Jackets. Although his supporting cast still won't be the most talented group in the NHL, Johansen found a very nice niche toward the end of this past season with Nathan Horton and young Boone Jenner. It's the type of line that can grow together, but it's somewhat interesting that the oft-injured Horton might be the veteran of the group at 29. Scott Hartnell's arrival could shake up the depth chart -- and, certainly, Hartnell's ability to battle in corners and in front of the net won't hurt if Johansen should line up with him. Overall, Johansen has a lot of weapons to work with and is a player on the rise. - SA