Sortable 2015 Projections

The default order for player projections is based on's recommended draft rankings, which take into account projected total points as well as upside and risk.

Position: All Skaters | F | D | G
1Jonas Ahnelov, FA D------------
2Andrew Alberts*, Van D  O------------
3Yuri Alexandrov, Bos D------------
4Bobby Allen, FA D------------
5Bryan Allen, Ana D------------
6Conor Allen, NYR D------------
7Adam Almqvist, Det D------------
8Karl Alzner, Wsh D------------
9Greg Amadio, Det D------------
10Chad Anderson, FA D------------
11R.J. Anderson, FA D------------
12Peter Andersson, Van D------------
13Brandon Archibald, Cls D------------
14Taylor Aronson, Nsh D------------
15Dean Arsene, Ari D------------
16Peter Aston, FA D------------
17P.J. Atherton, FA D------------
18Adrian Aucoin, Cls D------------
19Keith Aulie, Edm D------------
20Anton Babchuk, Cgy D------------
21Noah Babin, FA D------------
22Christian Backman, FA D------------
23Drew Bagnall, Buf D------------
24Paul Baier, Wsh D------------
25Gord Baldwin, FA D------------
26Keith Ballard*, Min D  O------------
27Drew Bannister, FA D------------
28Ivan Baranka, FA D------------
29Mark Barberio, TB D------------
30Cam Barker, Van D------------
31Tyson Barrie, Col D------------
32Matt Bartkowski, Bos D------------
33Victor Bartley, Nsh D------------
34Oskars Bartulis, Phi D------------
35Francois Beauchemin, Ana D------------
36Nathan Beaulieu, Mon D------------
37Gabriel Beaupre, Col D------------
38Luke Beaverson, FA D------------
39Brendan Bell, NYR D------------
40Shawn Belle, Col D------------