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Swamp Thangs at Gone Box Score Matchup 8 (May 20 - 26)

Box Scores:
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Gainesville Swamp Thangs
Record: 15-6-0
Standing: T-2nd in West (2 GB)
Going Going Gone
Record: 17-4-0
Standing: 1st in West
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 12/12 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/12 games started

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TEAM                               MAY 20MAY 21MAY 22MAY 23MAY 24MAY 25MAY 26SCORE
Gainesville Swamp Thangs28394331571035243
Going Going Gone19555519307829285
Gainesville Swamp Thangs Box Score
CSalvador Perez, KC CL 2-5-1
1BNick Swisher, Cle OF, 1B, DHL 1-8-2
2BNick Punto, Oak 3B, 2B, SSW 6-5-1
3BMiguel Cabrera, Det 3BW 6-02
SSJhonny Peralta, StL SSW 7-03
OFNick Markakis, Bal OFW 10-69
OFMelky Cabrera, Tor OFL 6-108
OFAndy Dirks, Det OFW 6-03
DHRaul Ibanez, FA OF, DH3
UTILMitch Moreland, Tex 1BW 9-53
PGreg Holland, KC RPL 2-5--
PJose Valverde, Det RPW 6-0--
PJose Veras, Det RPW 6-0-9
SPYu Darvish, Tex SPW 9-5--
SPJason Vargas, KC SPL 2-516
SPTyler Chatwood, Col SPW 5-022
SP --
RPRafael Betancourt, FA RP--
RPJim Henderson, Mil RPW 2-11
Going Going Gone Box Score
CWilin Rosario, Col CW 5-00
1BFreddie Freeman, Atl 1BW 7-510
2BBrandon Phillips, Cin 2BW 7-49
3BEvan Longoria, TB 3B, DHL 4-90
SSBrandon Crawford, SF SSL 0-51
OFMark Trumbo, Ari OF, 1B, DHW 5-21
OFAlejandro De Aza, CWS OFW 4-3-1
OFJon Jay, StL OFW 7-02
DHMichael Young, FA 1B, 3B, DH0
UTILNate McLouth, Wsh OFW 5-2--
PChris Sale, CWS SPW 4-3--
PBobby Parnell, NYM RPL 5-71
PKevin Gregg, FA RP--
SPGio Gonzalez, Wsh SPW 5-2--
SPTrevor Cahill, Ari SPW 5-2--
SPJustin Masterson, Cle SPL 1-81
SPErvin Santana, FA SP--
RPSergio Romo, SF RPL 0-5--
RPHeath Bell, TB RPL 4-96