Smith at morse Box Score Matchup 7 (May 12 - 18)

Box Scores:
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Team Smith
Record: 10-11-0    Streak: W3
Standing: 4th in West (10 GB)
Team morse
Record: 9-12-0    Streak: L1
Standing: 2nd in East (6 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 13/12 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/12 games started

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TEAM                               MAY 12MAY 13MAY 14MAY 15MAY 16MAY 17MAY 18SCORE
Team Smith3770303298931289
Team morse29836631393153332
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Team Smith Box Score
CJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DHL 4-91
1BJose Abreu, CWS 1B, DHW 4-26
2BBen Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OFW 2-01
3BNolan Arenado, Col 3BL 2-32
SSAndrelton Simmons, Atl SSL 4-103
2B/SSErick Aybar, LAA SSW 3-05
1B/3BAdrian Beltre, Tex 3B, DHL 4-56
OFRyan Braun, Mil OF  DTDL 1-41
OFMatt Kemp, LAD OFL 3-13--
OFShane Victorino, Bos OF  DTDW 9-42
OFNick Markakis, Bal OF  DTDL 5-70
OFGerardo Parra, Mil OFL 1-41
UTILAlbert Pujols, LAA 1B, DHW 3-04
PCraig Kimbrel, Atl RPL 4-10--
PJames Shields, KC SPW 3-2--
PGlen Perkins, Min RP  DTDL 4-9--
PHisashi Iwakuma, Sea SPL 0-2--
PC.J. Wilson, LAA SPW 3-0--
PJustin Masterson, StL SP Ppd--
PA.J. Burnett, Pit SP  DTDW 4-1-2
PTim Lincecum, SF SP, RPW 10-4--
PTom Koehler, Mia SPW 13-3--
Team morse Box Score
CYadier Molina, StL C Ppd--
1BJoey Votto, Cin 1B  DTD Ppd--
2BChase Utley, Phi 2BL 0-33
3BManny Machado, Bal 3B  DTDL 5-70
SSStarlin Castro, ChC SS Ppd--
2B/SSHowie Kendrick, LAA 2BW 3-0--
1B/3BMartin Prado, NYY 3B, 2B, OF  DTDW 4-0-3
OFMike Trout, LAA OFW 3-03
OFJose Bautista, Tor OF, 1B, DHL 4-153
OFShin-Soo Choo, Tex OF, DH  DTDL 4-5-3
OFMelky Cabrera, Tor OF  DTDL 4-152
OFDesmond Jennings, TB OF  DTDW 2-01
UTILDavid Ortiz, Bos DH  DTDW 9-414
PDavid Price, Det SPW 7-5--
PGerrit Cole, Pit SPW 4-1--
PMike Minor, Atl SPL 4-10--
PCC Sabathia, NYY SP  DTDW 4-0--
PDavid Robertson, NYY RPW 4-0--
PFernando Rodney, Sea RPL 0-2--
PChris Archer, TB SPW 2-0--
PWily Peralta, Mil SPL 1-417
PGarrett Richards, LAA SP, RP  DTDW 3-029

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.