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Boobs at Syndrome Box Score Matchup 12 (Jun 17 - 23)

Box Scores:
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Annie's Boobs
Record: 9-12-0
Standing: T-10th (10 GB)
White Coat Syndrome
Record: 19-2-0
Standing: 1st
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 10/10 games started
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 0 / 7
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 4 / 7

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TEAM                               JUN 17JUN 18JUN 19JUN 20JUN 21JUN 22JUN 23SCORE
Annie's Boobs80242425372347.5260.5
White Coat Syndrome6153.59.5274940.548288.5
Annie's Boobs Box Score
CWilin Rosario, Col CL 3-83.5
1BMike Carp, Bos LF, 1BW 5-1
W 3-1
2BIan Kinsler, Det 2B, DHL 2-52.5
3BPedro Alvarez, Pit 3BW 4-01.5
SSElvis Andrus, Tex SS, DHL 2-6--
IFDarwin Barney, ChC 2BW 4-20.5
LFDayan Viciedo, CWS LF, DHL 5-71.5
CFAustin Jackson, Det CFL 2-54
RFGiancarlo Stanton, Mia RFL 2-3-1
OFLucas Duda, NYM RF, 1B, LFW 4-3
W 6-1
UTILMiguel Montero, Ari CW 3-21.5
PJorge De La Rosa, Col SPL 3-8--
PTommy Hunter, Bal SP, RPW 5-24.5
SPChris Sale, CWS SPL 5-7--
SPMike Minor, Atl SPL 3-4
L 1-6
SPCole Hamels, Phi SPW 4-2--
SPDillon Gee, NYM SPW 4-3
W 6-1
SPDallas Keuchel, Hou SP, RPW 10-1--
RPRyan Cook, Oak RPW 6-23
RPJoaquin Benoit, SD RPL 4-5--
White Coat Syndrome Box Score
CBrian McCann, NYY C Ppd1
1BEdwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, 3B, DHW 8-310.5
2BHowie Kendrick, LAA 2BL 2-31
3BAnthony Rendon, Wsh 3B, 2BL 2-40
SSJean Segura, Mil SSL 1-102.5
IFLance Berkman, FA 1B, DH0
LFMelky Cabrera, Tor LFW 8-33.5
CFMike Trout, LAA CF, LFL 2-32.5
RFJustin Upton, Atl RF, LFL 3-4
L 1-6
OFNick Markakis, Bal RFW 5-24
UTILCarlos Gomez, Mil CFL 1-102.5
PJim Henderson, Mil RPL 1-10--
PRex Brothers, Col RPL 3-8--
SPCliff Lee, Phi SPW 4-224.5
SPTommy Milone, Oak SPW 6-2--
SPScott Feldman, Hou SP, RPW 10-1--
SPJeremy Hefner, NYM SP, RPW 4-3
W 6-1
SPJohn Lannan, FA SP--
RPJose Valverde, Det RPL 2-5--
RPMariano Rivera, NYY RP Ppd--