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punk? at Champions Box Score Round 2 (Sep 9 - 15)

Box Scores:
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you feel lucky punk?
Record: 16-5-0
Standing: T-2nd (0.5 GB)
BlogStar Champions
Record: 12-9-0
Standing: T-5th (4.5 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 9/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 10/10 games started
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 0 / 7
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 0 / 7

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TEAM                               SEP 9SEP 10SEP 11SEP 12SEP 13SEP 14SEP 15SCORE
you feel lucky punk? 183737.528.544110.516291.5
BlogStar Champions1775318.530.54468292
you feel lucky punk? Box Score
CJonathan Lucroy, Mil C, 1BL 3-7-0.5
1BFreddie Freeman, Atl 1BW 2-19
2BBrandon Phillips, Cin 2BW 7-31
3BAdrian Beltre, Tex 3B, DHL 0-10
SSJed Lowrie, Oak SS, 2B, DHW 1-00
IFKendrys Morales, FA 1B, DH7
LFMichael Brantley, Cle CF, LFW 8-1-1.5
CFMichael Bourn, Cle CFW 8-13
RFJose Tabata, Pit RF, LFW 2-16
OFAlfonso Soriano, NYY LF, DHL 1-5--
UTILAramis Ramirez, Mil 3BL 3-7--
PWade Miley, Ari SPW 9-215.5
PMichael Wacha, StL RP, SPL 1-44.5
SPCole Hamels, Phi SPW 5-48.5
SPJeff Samardzija, ChC SPL 1-2--
SPHisashi Iwakuma, Sea SP, RPW 4-1--
SPKris Medlen, Atl SP, RPW 2-123.5
SPJon Lester, Bos SPW 5-124.5
RPAroldis Chapman, Cin SP, RPW 7-39
RPAddison Reed, Ari RPW 9-21
BlogStar Champions Box Score
CYadier Molina, StL CL 1-40
1BMark Trumbo, Ari LF, 1B, RF, DHW 9-20
2BHowie Kendrick, LAA 2BW 6-24
3BDonnie Murphy, ChC 3BL 1-20
SSJosh Rutledge, Col SS, 2BL 2-9--
IFScooter Gennett, Mil 2BL 3-73
LFYoenis Cespedes, Oak LF, CF, DHW 1-0-1
CFAngel Pagan, SF CFW 19-34.5
RFNate Schierholtz, ChC RFL 1-22.5
OFMike Trout, LAA CF, LFW 6-22.5
UTILAaron Hill, Ari 2BW 9-29.5
PClay Buchholz, Bos SPW 5-1--
PTyler Chatwood, Col SPL 2-9--
SPC.J. Wilson, LAA SPW 6-2--
SPZach McAllister, Cle SPW 8-1--
SPRandall Delgado, Ari SPW 9-2--
SPEsmil Rogers, Tor RP, SPW 4-311.5
SP --
RPRafael Soriano, Wsh RPL 4-5--
RPCasey Janssen, Tor RPW 4-37.5