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of the Game at Zeus Box Score Matchup 16 (Jul 15 - 28)

Box Scores:
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Students of the Game
Record: 10-11-0
Standing: 9th (6.5 GB)
Beard of Zeus
Record: 7-14-0
Standing: T-13th (9.5 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 14/20 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 14/20 games started
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 7 / 7
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 7 / 7

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TEAM                               JUL 15JUL 16JUL 17JUL 18JUL 19JUL 20JUL 21JUL 22JUL 23JUL 24JUL 25JUL 26JUL 27JUL 28SCORE
Students of the Game000022.531494833.568294225.582430.5
Beard of Zeus00001345.5102.524.528.56414353423.5384.5
Students of the Game Box Score
CSalvador Perez, KC CL 1-41
1BPrince Fielder, Tex 1B, DHL 2-42.5
2BRobinson Cano, Sea 2BW 12-55.5
3BMiguel Cabrera, Det 3BW 4-16
SSNick Franklin, Sea SS, 2BW 12-59.5
IFJames Loney, TB 1BW 4-31.5
LFDayan Viciedo, CWS LF, DHW 3-10.5
CFColby Rasmus, Tor CFL 3-43
RFJayson Werth, Wsh RFL 2-913
OFEric Young Jr., NYM CF, LF, RFW 5-0-0.5
UTILMatt Adams, StL 1BW 3-20
PBrad Ziegler, Ari RPW 3-16
PAlex Wood, Atl SP, RPL 1-3--
SPDavid Price, TB SPW 4-3--
SPBud Norris, Bal SPW 4-2--
SPErasmo Ramirez, Sea SP, RPW 12-5--
SPDan Straily, Oak SPW 6-0--
SPJohn Danks, CWS SPW 3-1--
RPDavid Robertson, NYY RPL 7-81
RPTyler Clippard, Wsh RPL 2-9--
Beard of Zeus Box Score
CCarlos Santana, Cle C, 1B, DHW 7-13
1BAnthony Rizzo, ChC 1BL 3-48
2BJason Kipnis, Cle 2BW 7-111
3BPablo Sandoval, SF 3BL 1-31
SSJimmy Rollins, Phi SSL 0-50.5
IFJose Iglesias, Det SS, 3BW 4-11
LFKelly Johnson, NYY 2B, 3B, LF, DHL 7-89
CFGregor Blanco, SF RF, LF, CFL 1-30
RFAllen Craig, StL 1B, LF, RFW 3-23
OFMatt Joyce, TB RF, LF, DHW 4-31
UTILMitch Moreland, Tex 1BL 2-4-0.5
PKevin Gregg, FA RP--
PHuston Street, SD RPL 2-3--
SPJake Peavy, Bos SPW 8-7--
SPMatt Harvey, NYM SPW 5-028
SPR.A. Dickey, Tor SPL 3-44
SPJeremy Hefner, NYM SP, RPW 5-0--
SPWily Peralta, Mil SPW 1-026.5
RPJoaquin Benoit, SD RPL 2-37
RP --