Shipwrecks at White Coats Box Score Matchup 8 (May 19 - 25)

Box Scores:
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Honolulu Shipwrecks
Record: 6-13-0    Streak: L1
Standing: T-13th (10 GB)
Irish White Coats
Record: 11-8-0    Streak: W2
Standing: 6th (5 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 6/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/10 games started
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 3 / 7
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 7 / 7

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TEAM                               MAY 19MAY 20MAY 21MAY 22MAY 23MAY 24MAY 25SCORE
Honolulu Shipwrecks31.514.548.535.546.563.546286
Irish White Coats20.547.53037.540.55361.5290.5
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Honolulu Shipwrecks Box Score
CWilin Rosario, Col CL 2-42
1BAnthony Rizzo, ChC 1BW 5-110
2BDaniel Murphy, NYM 2B, 3BW 5-30
3BJosh Donaldson, Oak 3BL 2-56
SSTroy Tulowitzki*, Col SS  DL60L 2-42
IFYonder Alonso*, SD 1B  DL60L 1-50
LFMartin Prado*, NYY 3B, 2B, LF  DL60L 2-33
CFCharlie Blackmon, Col RF, LF, CFL 2-41
RFShane Victorino*, Bos RF  DL60L 2-7-0.5
OFA.J. Pollock, Ari CFL 2-40.5
UTILVictor Martinez, Det DH, 1BL 2-90.5
PAnibal Sanchez*, Det SP  DL15L 2-9--
PMark Melancon, Pit RPW 3-16.5
SPGerrit Cole, Pit SPW 3-1--
SPMike Minor, Atl SP  DTDW 5-4--
SPAlex Wood, Atl SP, RPW 5-44.5
SPGavin Floyd*, Atl SP  DL60W 5-4--
SP --
RPSean Doolittle, Oak RPL 2-5--
RPJason Motte, StL RPW 4-2--
Irish White Coats Box Score
CDevin Mesoraco, Cin C--
1BJustin Morneau, Col 1BL 2-43
2BKolten Wong, StL 2BW 4-2--
3BPablo Sandoval, SF 3BW 4-23
SSJose Reyes, Tor SSW 7-26
IFNick Franklin, TB 2BW 5-2-0.5
LFDomonic Brown, Phi LF  DTDL 3-4-0.5
CFShin-Soo Choo*, Tex CF, LF, RF, DH  DL60W 9-29.5
RFNick Markakis, Bal RFL 7-86
OFDexter Fowler, Hou CFL 1-32
UTILAndrelton Simmons, Atl SSW 5-40
PJoe Smith, LAA RP--
PFernando Rodney, Sea RPW 3-18
SPJames Shields, KC SP--
SPAaron Harang, Atl SPW 5-40.5
SPTim Hudson, SF SPW 4-20.5
SPRobbie Erlin, SD SPL 1-5--
SPBartolo Colon, NYM SPW 5-3--
RPRex Brothers, Col RPL 2-4--
RPLaTroy Hawkins, Col RPL 2-4--

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.