Underdogs at Holt! Box Score Matchup 17 (Jul 28 - Aug 3)

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The Underdogs
Record: 8-11-0    Streak: L1
Standing: T-10th (8 GB)
Brock Holt!
Record: 5-14-0    Streak: L1
Standing: T-14th (11 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 9/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 9/10 games started
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 2 / 7
Matchup Acquisition Limits (Used/Max) : 0 / 7

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TEAM                               JUL 28JUL 29JUL 30JUL 31AUG 1AUG 2AUG 3SCORE
The Underdogs27.5393066.522.59.541236
Brock Holt!66.54025-4.521.54630224.5
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The Underdogs Box Score
CMiguel Montero, Ari CL 3-81
1BJ.P. Arencibia, Tex C, 1B, DHL 0-21.5
2BBrian Dozier, Min 2BW 8-62.5
3BChris Johnson, Atl 3BL 2-31.5
SSJimmy Rollins, Phi SS  DTDL 0-110
IFRyan Howard, Phi 1BL 0-11-1
LFCarlos Gonzalez*, Col LF, RF  DL60L 5-11--
CFDrew Stubbs, Col RF, CFL 5-119.5
RFLeonys Martin, Tex CF, RFL 0-20
OFBryce Harper, Wsh LF, RFW 11-03
UTILTravis d'Arnaud, NYM C  DTDW 4-21
PDavid Phelps, NYY SP, RPW 6-4--
PAllen Webster, Bos SPL 4-6-9.5
SPClayton Kershaw, LAD SPW 5-2--
SPMadison Bumgarner, SF SPL 2-4--
SPJarred Cosart, Mia SPW 2-1--
SPKevin Correia, LAD SP, RPW 5-2--
SPAaron Sanchez, Tor SP, RPL 2-8--
RPAroldis Chapman, Cin RPL 1-2--
RPJake McGee, TB RPW 10-3--
Brock Holt! Box Score
CJarrod Saltalamacchia, Mia CW 2-1--
1BMatt Adams, StL 1BW 9-73
2BJed Lowrie, Oak SS, 2BW 8-33
3BAdrian Beltre, Tex 3B, DHL 0-20
SSJean Segura, Mil SSL 7-93
IFErick Aybar, LAA SSL 3-103
LFAlejandro De Aza, Bal CF, LFL 3-66
CFShin-Soo Choo*, Tex CF, LF, RF, DH  DL60L 0-2-1.5
RFJosh Reddick, Oak RFW 8-33
OFJacoby Ellsbury, NYY CF  DTDW 6-40.5
UTILCorey Hart, Sea 1B, RF, DHW 6-3--
PHenderson Alvarez, Mia SPW 2-1--
PNeftali Feliz, Tex RPL 0-2--
SPHomer Bailey*, Cin SP  DL60L 1-218.5
SPJered Weaver, LAA SPL 3-10--
SPJake Odorizzi, TB SPW 10-3--
SPZach McAllister, Cle SP, RPW 2-0--
SPChris Young, Sea SPW 6-3--
RPGlen Perkins, Min RP  DTDW 8-67.5
RPGrant Balfour, TB RPW 10-3--

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.