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not my lover at My cheese Box Score Matchup 11 (Jun 10 - 16)

Box Scores:
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Billy Beane is not my lover
Record: 18-3-0
Standing: 1st in East
Eat My cheese
Record: 7-14-0
Standing: 3rd in East (11 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 8/12 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 6/12 games started

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TEAM                               JUN 10JUN 11JUN 12JUN 13JUN 14JUN 15JUN 16SCORE
Billy Beane is not my lover48495034646116322
Eat My cheese55244542132336238
Billy Beane is not my lover Box Score
CBuster Posey, SF C, 1BW 6-09
1BJoey Votto, Cin 1BW 4-31
2BHowie Kendrick, LAA 2BW 5-25
3BJose Iglesias, Det SS, 3BW 4-03
SSElvis Andrus, Tex SS, DHL 0-8-2
2B/SSJed Lowrie, Oak SS, 2B, DHL 2-30
1B/3BJustin Morneau, Col 1B, DHL 7-8-2
OFAdam Jones, Bal OFW 2-02
OFCarlos Gomez, Mil OFL 3-40
OFAlfonso Soriano, NYY OF, DHL 2-5-1
OFNate McLouth, Wsh OFL 1-24
OFLorenzo Cain, KC OFW 7-22
UTILDomonic Brown, Phi OFW 8-72
PCraig Kimbrel, Atl RPL 0-6--
PZack Greinke, LAD SPL 0-3--
PMadison Bumgarner, SF SPW 6-033
PFernando Rodney, FA RP-4
PCasey Janssen, Tor RPW 8-0--
PPatrick Corbin, Ari SPL 1-2--
PKevin Gregg, FA RP9
PJose Valverde, Det RPW 4-03
PAndrew Bailey, FA RP--
Eat My cheese Box Score
CCarlos Santana, Cle C, 1B, DHW 2-12
1BAlbert Pujols, LAA 1B, DHW 5-23
2BJose Altuve, Hou 2BW 2-14
3BChase Headley, SD 3BW 2-10
SSErick Aybar, LAA SSW 5-2-1
2B/SSAndrelton Simmons, Atl SSL 0-60
1B/3BChris Davis, Bal 1B, OF, DHW 2-06
OFJustin Upton, Atl OFL 0-6-2
OFJacoby Ellsbury, NYY OFL 2-5-1
OFShane Victorino, Bos OFL 0-22
OFJosh Willingham, Min OF, DHL 0-4-2
OFTorii Hunter, Det OFW 4-00
UTILMike Moustakas, KC 3BW 7-20
PCliff Lee, Phi SPW 8-7--
PAdam Wainwright, StL SPL 4-5--
PMat Latos, Cin SPW 4-3--
PMariano Rivera, NYY RPL 2-5--
PJohn Axford, Cle RPW 2-12
PHomer Bailey, Cin SPW 4-3--
PJeremy Hellickson, TB SPL 2-7--
PJaime Garcia*, StL SPL 4-5--
PRyan Madson, LAA RPW 5-2--