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Muffin Stuffers at Bombers Box Score Matchup 4 (Apr 22 - 28)

Box Scores:
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Team Muffin Stuffers
Record: 6-15-0
Standing: 4th in Losers (7 GB)
Yager Bombers
Record: 19-2-0
Standing: 1st in Champs

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TEAM                               APR 22APR 23APR 24APR 25APR 26APR 27APR 28SCORE
Team Muffin Stuffers15578561598073430
Yager Bombers3211497121834476567
Team Muffin Stuffers Box Score
CMatt Wieters, Bal CW 3-0-3
1BAlbert Pujols, LAA 1B, DHW 6-315
2BRobinson Cano, Sea 2BL 3-66
3BMiguel Cabrera, Det 3BW 10-010
SSStarlin Castro, ChC SSW 4-20
2B/SSAlexei Ramirez, CWS SSW 5-4-1
1B/3BHanley Ramirez, LAD 3B, SSW 7-5--
OFBryce Harper, Wsh OFW 1-07
OFMike Trout, LAA OFW 6-34
OFMatt Kemp, LAD OFW 7-52
OFGiancarlo Stanton, Mia OFL 2-41
OFJose Bautista, Tor OFL 4-68
DHMark Trumbo, Ari OF, 1B, DHL 3-610
UTILMichael Bourn, Cle OF Ppd--
PZack Greinke, LAD SPW 7-5--
PMatt Harvey, NYM SPL 0-4--
PStephen Strasburg, Wsh SPW 1-0--
PFernando Rodney, FA RP--
PJosh Johnson, SD SPW 2-1--
PMark Buehrle, Tor SPL 4-6--
PR.A. Dickey, Tor SPL 4-6--
PCC Sabathia, NYY SPW 6-4--
PHeath Bell, TB RPL 4-5--
Yager Bombers Box Score
CJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DHL 3-40
1BAdrian Gonzalez, LAD 1BW 7-521
2BDustin Pedroia, Bos 2BW 7-321
3BChris Johnson, Atl 3B, 1BL 0-105
SSTroy Tulowitzki, Col SSW 6-316
2B/SSZack Cozart, Cin SSL 0-1--
1B/3BFreddie Freeman, Atl 1BL 0-10-4
OFJustin Upton, Atl OFL 0-10-1
OFNelson Cruz, FA OF6
OFSeth Smith, SD OF, DHW 2-1--
OFEvan Gattis, Atl C, OFL 0-103
OFMichael Cuddyer, Col OF, 1BW 6-34
DHEdwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, 3B, DHL 4-619
UTILNick Swisher, Cle OF, 1B, DH Ppd--
PPaul Maholm, FA SP-12
PCraig Kimbrel, Atl RPL 0-10--
PDoug Fister, Wsh SPW 1-0--
PClay Buchholz, Bos SPW 7-3--
PJon Lester, Bos SPW 7-3--
PWade Miley, Ari SPL 3-6--
PGio Gonzalez, Wsh SPW 1-0--
PJaime Garcia*, StL SPW 9-1--
PJoe Nathan, Det RPW 10-05