Finest at Carrillo Box Score Matchup 11 (Jun 9 - 15)

Box Scores:
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LA Finest
Record: 17-3-0    Streak: W7
Standing: 1st
Team Carrillo
Record: 6-14-0    Streak: L7
Standing: 8th (11 GB)

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TEAM                               JUN 9JUN 10JUN 11JUN 12JUN 13JUN 14JUN 15SCORE
LA Finest7397116975010197631
Team Carrillo5856125114668028527
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LA Finest Box Score
CDevin Mesoraco, Cin CL 2-4--
1BEdwin Encarnacion, Tor 1B, DHL 2-38
2BDaniel Murphy, NYM 2B, 3BL 0-5-1
3BAdrian Beltre, Tex 3B, DHW 4-36
SSBrandon Crawford, SF SSL 4-5-2
2B/SSAnthony Rendon, Wsh 2B, 3BL 1-43
1B/3BEric Hosmer, KC 1BW 9-18
OFYasiel Puig, LAD OFW 6-41
OFCarlos Beltran, NYY OF, DH  DTDL 1-5--
OFJayson Werth, Wsh OFL 1-47
OFAlex Rios, Tex OF, DH  DTDW 4-31
OFMichael Morse, SF OF, 1BL 4-52
DHVictor Martinez, Det DH, 1BW 12-921
UTILGeorge Springer, Hou OFW 7-30
PYu Darvish, Tex SP  DTDW 4-3--
PMax Scherzer, Det SPW 12-9--
PAnibal Sanchez, Det SPW 12-923
PJulio Teheran, Atl SPL 6-11--
PScott Kazmir, Oak SPW 5-124
PDallas Keuchel, Hou SP, RPW 7-3--
RPSteve Cishek, Mia RPL 6-8--
Team Carrillo Box Score
CYan Gomes, Cle CW 3-2-2
1BJose Abreu, CWS 1B, DHL 1-9-1
2BJose Altuve, Hou 2BW 7-3--
3BXander Bogaerts, Bos 3B, SSL 2-33
SSElvis Andrus, Tex SSW 4-30
2B/SSJean Segura, Mil SSW 4-20
1B/3BPedro Alvarez, Pit 3BW 8-65
OFAndrew McCutchen, Pit OFW 8-617
OFJacoby Ellsbury, NYY OF  DTDL 1-51
OFRyan Braun, Mil OF  DTDW 4-217
OFJustin Upton, Atl OFL 6-11-3
OFAngel Pagan, SF OF  DTDL 4-57
DHCarlos Santana, Cle C, 1B, 3B, DHW 3-212
UTILBrandon Moss, Oak 1B, OF, DH  DTDW 5-17
PJohn Lackey, StL SPW 4-1--
PKyle Lohse, Mil SPW 4-2--
PA.J. Burnett, Pit SP  DTDW 8-6--
PRyan Vogelsong, SF SPL 4-53
PMarco Estrada, Tor SP, RPL 2-3--
PJustin Masterson, StL SPW 4-1--
RPFrancisco Rodriguez, Mil RPW 4-214

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