Bail Bonds at Gold Box Score Matchup 13 (Jun 23 - 29)

Box Scores:
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Chico's Bail Bonds
Record: 12-9-1    Streak: W3
Standing: 1st in NL
Pike Gold
Record: 8-14-0    Streak: L1
Standing: 5th in NL (4.5 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 11/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 11/10 games started

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TEAM                               JUN 23JUN 24JUN 25JUN 26JUN 27JUN 28JUN 29SCORE
Chico's Bail Bonds 527911030782866443
Pike Gold45646049476710342
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Chico's Bail Bonds Box Score
CWilin Rosario, Col CL 6-94
1BPaul Goldschmidt*, Ari 1B  DL15L 1-6-2
2BJason Kipnis, Cle 2B  DTDW 6-18
3BDavid Wright, NYM 3B  DTDL 5-80
SSJean Segura, Mil SSW 9-24
OFRyan Braun, Mil OFW 9-2--
OFYoenis Cespedes, Bos OF, DHW 5-48
OFNelson Cruz, Bal OF, DHW 5-418
UTILJose Abreu, CWS 1B, DHL 4-513
SPStephen Strasburg, Wsh SPL 2-9-7
SPCorey Kluber, Cle SPW 6-134
SPAaron Harang, Atl SPW 4-0--
RPTrevor Rosenthal, StL RPW 9-614
RPSean Doolittle, Oak RPW 8-516
Pike Gold Box Score
CBrian McCann, NYY C, 1B, DHW 5-3--
1BRyan Howard, Phi 1BL 2-33
2BMartin Prado*, NYY 3B, 2B, OF  DL60W 5-30
3BJosh Donaldson, Oak 3BW 8-52
SSHanley Ramirez, LAD SSW 5-4--
OFCarlos Gomez, Mil OFW 9-213
OFGiancarlo Stanton, Mia OF  DTDW 3-21
OFDesmond Jennings, TB OF  DTDW 5-11
UTILAndrew McCutchen, Pit OFL 1-59
SPWade Miley, Ari SPL 1-6--
SPZack Wheeler, NYM SPL 5-8-9
SPBartolo Colon, NYM SPL 5-8--
RPAroldis Chapman, Cin RPW 4-114
RPGarrett Richards*, LAA SP, RP  DL60W 6-226

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.