A Windows Vista at Angel Pagan Box Score Matchup 11 (Jun 9 - 15)

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Jose Baut A Windows Vista
Record: 4-11-0    Streak: W1
Standing: 5th in West (6 GB)
Lips of an Angel Pagan
Record: 6-9-0    Streak: L3
Standing: 3rd in West (4 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 7/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 4/10 games started

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TEAM                               JUN 9JUN 10JUN 11JUN 12JUN 13JUN 14JUN 15SCORE
Jose Baut A Windows Vista2921033434125192
Lips of an Angel Pagan 16163411445928208
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Jose Baut A Windows Vista Box Score
Joe Nathan, Det RP7: @CWS (4), Min (3)6
Michael Wacha, StL SP5: @TB (2), Wsh (3)-6
Mike Minor, Atl SP  DTD7: @Col (4), LAA (3)-12
Chase Headley, NYY 3B7: @KC, @Sea (3), @Oak (3)13
Tommy Hunter, Bal RP7: Bos (3), Tor (4)-2
B.J. Upton, Atl OF7: @Col (4), LAA (3)23
Ben Zobrist, TB 2B, SS, OF6: Sea, StL (2), @Hou (3)16
John Axford, Pit RP7: ChC (4), @Mia (3)15
Billy Hamilton, Cin OF  DTD7: LAD (4), @Mil (3)27
Chris Sale, CWS SP7: Det (4), KC (3)19
Jose Altuve, Hou 2B7: @Ari (2), Ari (2), TB (3)10
Elvis Andrus, Tex SS6: Cle, Mia (2), @Sea (3)8
Justin Verlander, Det SP7: @CWS (4), Min (3)-8
John Lackey, StL SP5: @TB (2), Wsh (3)16
Christian Yelich, Mia OF5: @Tex (2), Pit (3)12
C.J. Wilson, LAA SP6: Oak (3), @Atl (3)5
David Wright, NYM 3B  DTD6: Mil (3), SD (3)6
Miguel Cabrera, Det 3B, 1B, DH7: @CWS (4), Min (3)19
Anthony Rizzo, ChC 1B7: @Pit (4), @Phi (3)25
Matt Wieters*, Bal C  DL607: Bos (3), Tor (4)--
Bryce Harper, Wsh OF7: @SF (4), @StL (3)--
Michael Cuddyer, Col OF, 1B7: Atl (4), @SF (3)--
Lips of an Angel Pagan Box Score
Aramis Ramirez, Mil 3B6: @NYM (3), Cin (3)12
Alex Gordon, KC OF6: NYY, Cle (2), @CWS (3)8
Chris Davis, Bal 1B, 3B  SSPD7: Bos (3), Tor (4)11
Nelson Cruz, Bal OF, DH7: Bos (3), Tor (4)7
Brett Lawrie*, Tor 3B, 2B  DL607: Min (3), @Bal (4)10
Ryan Braun, Mil OF  DTD6: @NYM (3), Cin (3)7
Matt Carpenter, StL 2B, 3B5: @TB (2), Wsh (3)4
Jake Peavy, SF SP7: Wsh (4), Col (3)18
Huston Street, LAA RP6: Oak (3), @Atl (3)5
Bartolo Colon, NYM SP6: Mil (3), SD (3)25
Giancarlo Stanton, Mia OF  DTD5: @Tex (2), Pit (3)13
Francisco Liriano, Pit SP7: ChC (4), @Mia (3)6
J.J. Hardy, Bal SS7: Bos (3), Tor (4)3
Salvador Perez, KC C6: NYY, Cle (2), @CWS (3)17
Jose Bautista, Tor OF, 1B, DH7: Min (3), @Bal (4)21
Adrian Gonzalez, LAD 1B7: @Cin (4), Ari (3)10
Grant Balfour, TB RP6: Sea, StL (2), @Hou (3)13
Rex Brothers, Col RP7: Atl (4), @SF (3)18
Cliff Lee*, Phi SP  DL606: SD (3), ChC (3)--
Jurickson Profar*, Tex 2B, DH  DL606: Cle, Mia (2), @Sea (3)--
Gerrit Cole, Pit SP7: ChC (4), @Mia (3)--
Matt Moore*, TB SP  DL606: Sea, StL (2), @Hou (3)--

* - If a team exceeds a games played limit during the middle of a gameday, that team will continue to accumulate stats until the end of the day. Stats will not count for any position which the games played max has been exceeded before the gameday begins.