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Can at Huckleberries Box Score Matchup 2 (Apr 8 - 14)

Box Scores:
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McCanndy Man Can
Record: 11-8-0
Standing: T-5th in East (4 GB)
The Huckleberries
Record: 11-8-0
Standing: T-5th in East (4 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 9/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 10/10 games started

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TEAM                               APR 8APR 9APR 10APR 11APR 12APR 13APR 14SCORE
McCanndy Man Can66.52742.5-52757.565280.5
The Huckleberries97430.517371552234.5
McCanndy Man Can Box Score
CWelington Castillo, ChC CL 7-10--
1BAlbert Pujols, LAA 1B, DHW 4-10
2BIan Kinsler, Det 2B, DHW 10-1--
3BKyle Seager, Sea 3BW 4-35.5
SSAlexei Ramirez, CWS SSW 3-10
IFChris Nelson, FA 3B, 2B3
LFMatt Holliday, StL LFL 3-44.5
CFAngel Pagan, SF CFW 10-72.5
RFDavid DeJesus, TB RF, LF, CFL 0-55
OFNick Swisher, Cle RF, 1B, DHL 1-3-1
UTILJeff Francoeur, Cle RF, LFL 1-3--
PDylan Axelrod, CWS SP, RPW 3-1--
PJunichi Tazawa, Bos RPW 5-0--
SPJon Lester, Bos SPW 5-0--
SPClay Buchholz, Bos SPW 5-028.5
SPJeremy Hellickson, TB SPL 0-5--
SPErvin Santana, FA SP17
SPJeremy Guthrie, KC SPW 3-2--
RPCasey Janssen, Tor RPL 2-3--
RPJames Russell, ChC RPL 7-10--
The Huckleberries Box Score
CJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DH Ppd--
1BLyle Overbay, FA 1B0.5
2BChase Utley, Phi 2BW 2-11
3BEvan Longoria, TB 3B, DHL 0-50
SSStarlin Castro, ChC SSL 7-108.5
IFMarco Scutaro, SF 2B, SSW 10-73
LFBrett Gardner, NYY LF, CFW 3-07
CFCoco Crisp, Oak CF, DHL 1-10--
RFLucas Duda, NYM RF, 1B, LF Ppd--
OFChris Young, NYM CF, LF, RF Ppd1.5
UTILJustin Smoak, Sea 1BW 4-32.5
PDrew Storen, Wsh RPL 0-9--
PMatt Lindstrom, CWS RPW 3-1--
SPRoy Halladay, FA SP22
SPTim Lincecum, SF SPW 10-72
SPMark Buehrle, Tor SPL 2-3--
SPGavin Floyd, Atl SPW 9-0--
SPBronson Arroyo, FA SP--
RPChris Perez, LAD RPL 0-13.5
RPJerry Blevins, Wsh RPL 0-90.5