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Okajima at Huckleberries Box Score Round 1 (Aug 19 - Sep 1)

Box Scores:
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Letters From Okajima
Record: 10-9-0
Standing: 5th in West (5 GB)
The Huckleberries
Record: 11-8-0
Standing: T-5th in East (4 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 14/20 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 17/20 games started

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TEAM                               AUG 19AUG 20AUG 21AUG 22AUG 23AUG 24AUG 25AUG 26AUG 27AUG 28AUG 29AUG 30AUG 31SEP 1SCORE
Letters From Okajima43827.54425.517.5815225511.51049.521.5349
The Huckleberries21.53335.516.5456444.522.5421817444733483.5
Letters From Okajima Box Score
CYan Gomes, Cle 1B, CW 7-20
1BBrandon Belt, SF 1BW 6-3--
2BGordon Beckham, CWS 2BW 3-21
3BChris Johnson, Atl 3B, 1BL 2-61
SSAdeiny Hechavarria, Mia 3B, SSW 3-05
IFDonovan Solano, Mia 2BW 3-0-0.5
LFDayan Viciedo, CWS LF, DHW 3-21
CFMichael Bourn, Cle CFW 7-22
RFJustin Upton, Atl RF, LFL 2-6-0.5
OFB.J. Upton, Atl CFL 2-6-1
UTILJake Marisnick, Mia CFW 3-04
PWade Miley, Ari SPW 12-7--
PSonny Gray, Oak SPW 2-1--
SPClayton Kershaw, LAD SPL 2-4--
SPDan Straily, Oak SPW 2-1--
SPTommy Milone, Oak SPW 2-1--
SPJeff Locke, Pit SPL 3-6--
SPMichael Wacha, StL RP, SPW 6-2--
RPFrancisco Rodriguez, FA RP--
RPNate Jones, CWS RPW 3-25.5
The Huckleberries Box Score
CJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DHL 2-7--
1BYonder Alonso, SD 1BL 2-33
2BChase Utley, Phi 2BL 7-123.5
3BEvan Longoria, TB 3B, DHW 4-210
SSStarlin Castro, ChC SSW 3-21
IFBrian Dozier, Min SS, 2BL 2-76.5
LFCarl Crawford, LAD LFL 2-42
CFBrett Gardner, NYY LF, CFL 2-40
RFWil Myers, TB RF, DHW 4-2-1
OFCoco Crisp, Oak CF, DHW 2-16
UTILZack Cozart, Cin SSW 6-39
PBronson Arroyo, FA SP16
PJordan Walden, Atl RPL 2-6--
SPTim Lincecum, SF SPW 6-39
SPEdwin Jackson, ChC SPW 3-2--
SPMark Buehrle, Tor SPL 5-8--
SPTravis Wood, ChC SPW 3-2--
SPJacob Turner, Mia SPW 3-0--
RPDarren O'Day, Bal RPL 1-2-1
RPAlex Torres, SD RPL 2-3--