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Huckleberries at Sox Box Score Matchup 17 (Jul 29 - Aug 4)

Box Scores:
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The Huckleberries
Record: 11-8-0
Standing: T-5th in East (4 GB)
SG Sox
Record: 3-16-0
Standing: 10th in West (12 GB)
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 10/10 games started
Game Limits (Cur/Max)*P: 12/10 games started

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TEAM                               JUL 29JUL 30JUL 31AUG 1AUG 2AUG 3AUG 4SCORE
The Huckleberries29.53981595829250.5
SG Sox33413.5165031.546194
The Huckleberries Box Score
CJoe Mauer, Min C, 1B, DHL 3-42.5
1BYonder Alonso, SD 1BL 1-42
2BChase Utley, Phi 2BL 2-96.5
3BEvan Longoria, TB 3B, DHL 0-70
SSStarlin Castro, ChC SSW 6-16.5
IFBrian Dozier, Min SS, 2BL 3-4--
LFChris Young, NYM CF, LF, RFL 2-31
CFBrett Gardner, NYY LF, CFW 3-0-1
RFWil Myers, TB RF, DHL 0-71.5
OFCoco Crisp, Oak CF, DHL 2-50
UTILZack Cozart, Cin SSW 4-12.5
PAlex Torres, SD RPL 1-45
PDavid Carpenter, Atl RPW 9-0--
SPEdwin Jackson, ChC SPW 6-121
SPMark Buehrle, Tor SPW 5-2--
SPBronson Arroyo, FA SP--
SPJohn Lackey, Bos SPW 5-412
SPChad Gaudin, Phi RP, SPL 2-921.5
RPDarren O'Day, Bal RPL 0-11--
RPJordan Walden, Atl RPW 9-0--
SG Sox Box Score
CBuster Posey, SF C, 1BW 9-24
1B --
2BJurickson Profar, Tex 2B, 3B, SS, DHW 2-1--
3BMaicer Izturis, Tor 3B, 2B, SSW 5-21
SSAndrelton Simmons, Atl SSW 9-04
IFStephen Drew, FA SS3
LFMatt Joyce, TB RF, LF, DHL 0-7--
CFJon Jay, StL CFL 4-51
RFAndre Ethier, LAD RF, CFL 0-31.5
OF --
UTILJosh Rutledge, Col SS, 2BL 0-9--
PGerrit Cole, Pit SPW 5-4--
PJoe Saunders, FA SP--
SPJake Peavy, Bos SPW 5-4--
SPKyle Gibson, Min SPL 3-4--
SPFelix Doubront, Bos SPW 5-4--
SPMike Leake, Cin SPW 4-1--
SPJarred Cosart, Hou SPW 11-0--
RPJeremy Hefner, NYM SP, RPL 2-3--
RPRoss Ohlendorf, Wsh SP, RPL 1-11-1